Getting Over The Fear On Prospecting by Using a MLM Script!

by Danny on June 14, 2011 · 1 comment

MLM ScriptAs a inexperience Marketer is using a MLM script to start practicing talking with prospects.


It is essential to start talking with people using the telephone if you to want start creating residual income in network marketing. I have to admit when I was brand new to network marketing in the beginning, I had the fear of talking with prospects.

I was afraid on getting on the phone because I was thinking I would completely mess up when I start talking with prospects. I was trying to figure out a way to grow my business without using the telephone from my upline when first signing up with my first network marketing opportunity. I was then told by my sponsor, if I want to find success in this industry is talking with prospects on the telephone.

Therefore, without using a MLM script that can kill your business. I had tried using a lot of different ways using the telephone to my list of friends and family or cold calling prospects on how great my new business opportunity venture! It quit didn’t work out in the outcome that I was expecting when getting involved in the network marketing industry.  

Didn’t sponsor a soul into my network marketing opportunity without using a MLM script. This is a skill I needed to learn with time and practice if I want to achieve the success that I always want in this industry.  I really wasn’t getting any good response with people on the telephone, and it wasn’t really working well for me at the time.

So it was essential to implement and practice using a MLM script. Therefore, I went online and Google the words MLM Script or  MLM Prospecting. After doing my due diligence, I came across a master prospecting and recruiter Todd Falcone and ending up purchasing a e-book called Little Black Book of Scripts.

I had then to make a decision that was right for me and practice at least one MLM script.

There is a overwhelm of  information and MLM scripts from Todd Falcone’s Little Black Books of Scripts. So I absolutely need to become that expert is to get that confidence in myself to start talking with my prospects over the telephone.

If I implement the techniques from each MLM script from this ebook, I will have the potential to build a downline in my organization.  I absolutely need to get out of comfort zone. So, I would feel more comfortable with more energy with my prospects so I can get them interested.

After a lot of practice, I could have at least one MLM script that is inside of my head. It all depends on the type of person that I was talking with on the telephone. So, the more practice with this skill with this so called MLM script will eventually become easier and be more effective in my MLM business.

To be more productive in implementing each MLM script, you will come up with other brilliant ideas to grow your business that can definitely be more productive in the long run I have not done before as a marketer in network marketing.

Once I become that expert in learning and implementing a MLM script from the Little Black Books of scripts to grow my business.

I would probably teach and train brand new marketers on how to approach strangers about your own network marketing business opportunity. There is definitely newbies in MLM who are inexperienced and are nervous or wasn’t sure what to say to your prospects when first starting out in network marketing.

These scripts in our industry that you can definitely take advantage of in network marketing today. This is a critical skill that you must learn from this MLM script if you’re brand new in the home based business industry is implement at least one MLM script from Todd Falcone’s Little Books of Scripts to start building a team in your primary multi-level marketing opportunity today!

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    Yes, practice makes perfect.

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