Fear of Success That Is Holding You Back For Success

by Danny on June 13, 2012 · 1 comment

"Fear Of Success"Obviously as entrepreneurs, most people have fear of success! It is ok, you can overcome that fear or anxiety. There are definitely different explanations on fear that people have experienced in the past. There are absolutely many excuses and the fear of success that is holding us back to start producing more to start achieving success.

Fear Of Success or Afraid Of Failure

While you are reading this blog post, I want you to go over your own fears on what exactly that is holding you back to be more productive. You just truly need to start believing in yourself and not your own feelings on fear of success or afraid of failure.

It really can be kinda embarrassing when somebody has fear of success! Why are alot of people thinking that way? Like for instances “How the heck can anybody have fear of success?” or “How can that be?” “How can somebody who is afraid of success to have their goals and dreams come into reality?”   

What Does It Mean On Fear Of Success?

Many people do not have the right mindset! Therefore, fear of success that really has to do with fear of change or just a fear of the unknown future. Eventually, your goals and dreams have unlimited potential to transform your own life just simply thinking big or dream big.

We all admit as ordinary people that think about the money that you are making to get out of the rat race at a 9-5 corporate America job. It really comes down to if you really want it BAD enough to enjoy the dream life style that you always wanted in life.

This maybe too good to be true if you are still reading this blog post on having that great success and making well over 6-7  figures yearly that your life would total change for yourself and your family.

Nonetheless, your broke friends or family will start hassling to borrow money from you. You know the fact that they will most likely not pay you back! This is another reason on your fear of success in your daily lives and start doing great things in life. People will start getting the inspiration from you on your success from others. Also, there is the negativity that comes from others as well.

Haters And Negativity From Friends And Family

The negativity or the HATERS that you bring might get from your own friends and family! They will start saying bad things about your business endeavors.  Saying such things like “They are such a show off now that they are successful,”or “So and so has changed so much since becoming successful that I just can’t stand him anymore.”

Furthermore, after hearing them speak this way in a tone of voice in a negative way about you or somebody else that you are achieving success.  You might fear that they will talk negative behind your back on your success!

I want to realize why people are having negative thoughts on why they aren’t making 6-7 figures yearly or achieving massive success! It’s just simply having fear of success and a lame excuse that they might come up with on why they don’t want to be rich or dream big!

If you really want to overcome your obstacles and fears, you have to figure out first on why you have that fear of success in the first place. Eventually you will past that stage, then you can absolutely give yourself a big smile on achieving your goals to overcome your fear of success today!


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    Hey Danny,
    great post on Fear and Success!!
    Here is my formula in handling FEAR!!
    Whatever it is you are afraid of Doing:

    Do it ASAP!! Done …BAM!! Fear Gone!!
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