Facebook Spamming Can Kill Your Relationships Online!

by Danny on June 19, 2011 · 6 comments

Facebook SpammingFacebook Spamming got to be the stupidest thing that can kill your business using the internet! You are probably like most people that have an account with Facebook with over 600,000,000 people on this popular social media community.

It does not matter if you are involved in a business in using the internet.  I’m absolutely positive that you have been a victim of Facebook Spamming at least once per week. It’s getting really annoying because the social network marketing community that is increasing on a daily basis. Facebook Spamming Won’t Get Anyone To Join Your Business!

Facebook Spamming can be very annoying and I have to admit I can go insane at times.

However, I’m not the only person on Facebook that is getting Facebook Spamming all over my wall or get messages from either from my friends or strangers online.   It is critical to stand out from the noise from Facebook Spamming using the internet towards your advantage with your own internet marketing tactics and avoid the Facebook Spamming takeaways I am going to give away for free that is right down below from this article.

1. Pitching your business opportunity to your friends is a NO NO

If anyone in your social media circle of your friends on Facebook or anyone that sends you a Facebook request and start Facebook Spamming you, I would just ignore the friends requests and start defriending people that contacted you about their business opportunity.

I get theses annoying pitched business opportunities on Facebook almost on a weekly basis. So if you want to make a friend request on Facebook,  You shouldn’t pitch your business opportunity to a completely stranger that you don’t know.  It is critical to introduce yourself FIRST and start building trust and relationship with other people.

I just see way too many people Facebook Spamming to strangers all the time and aren’t building relationship first. It is a joke by my book and you need to effectively to market your product or services properly if you are involved in a business like internet marketing or network marketing.

2. Avoiding posting your link or business opportunity to other peoples wall on Facebook

A lot of people that are Facebook Spamming think it is alright!

Those types of people should be suspended on their account. It can be irritating at times and blatant advertisements on peoples walls won’t  do any good. It isn’t that cool to start Facebook Spamming on their wall and need to delete those messages as well.

It killing my fingers just deleting those posts. However, They can post articles or quotes that can help solve a person’s problems with value if a certain individual doesn’t mind doing so. If you brand new to marketing on Facebook, you must stop Facebook Spamming because it is killing your relationship with other people on Facebook period!

3.Online Facebook chat feature being mishandled

I normally have the facebook chat turned offline with people I don’t know well. However I have the Facebook chat turned on for my real friends that I know and trust that I have known for a long time. I turn it off because I get bombarded with pitched business opportunities all the damn time that try to get me to sign up in their next hyped up business opportunity. Therefore, I don’t want to waste valuable time with those individuals on Facebook.

We all have the same thing in common as internet marketers or network marketers, it is a effective technique that works to market our business using the social media giant on Facebook to build relationships FIRST before talking about your primary business opportunity using the internet. If you implement the strategies properly rather than Facebook Spamming to your friends and strangers, your definitely on your way to achieve success in the business venture that you are in.

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Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001564599897 Daniel J Pollack

    You’re so right, Danny. Spamming is tasteless and useless. Like junk mail without killing the trees.

  • http://galenmorgigno.com Galen Morgigno

    Thank You for posting about this Danny.  Its not very attractive to be know as the KING spammer among your friends.  If you follow the principles of attraction marketing this is the first thing you don’t want to do – is spam.  Thanks for Sharing!!

  • http://profiles.google.com/asrs815 Alecia Stringer

    Yes, be real when connecting to people.  Do people spam you in person too?  I felt like I have gotten that before.  Always watching how you approach people.  

  • http://StevenSuchar.com Steven Suchar

    Hi Danny!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…from the Biz Builder
    Champions skype chat. :)

    Nice write up addressing “Facebook Spamming”. Both you & I
    subject to it as long as we keep our FB profiles/fan pages.

    I agree,
    it’s totally annoying while chatting. :)

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

  • Nicky Price

    Facebook spamming or merely Facebook “bad manners” is a real bug bear of mine and I have written several articles on how to use FB for business properly.  Thanks for continuing the message Danny – great article.

  • http://ruthalade.com Ruth

    Hi Danny, thanks for highlighting this again. A lot of people do not have a clue how to use Facebook for business so it’s great that you have written this article.

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