Facebook 101 Guide For Network Marketers Using Social Media

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"Facebook 101"Facebook 101: It’s for people to start socializing just using social media so you can keep up to date with your FB friends on shared photos, links, videos and recent status updates. Facebook 101 definitely helps to learn more about a person even though you haven’t meet them in person.

Facebook 101 For Network Marketers

In reality, Facebook can be fun socializing and can be easy to master as a frequent user just learning from this Facebook 101 guide on the internet! If you are brand new to Facebook than you must familiarize yourself on this platform, you than quickly learn on how to take advantage of the features on theses Facebook 101 marketing tips on the proper way to start marketing and growing a thriving network marketing business opportunity

For thoses that haven’t gotten involved in utilizing this fantastic social media, here is a Facebook 101 simple step-by-step guide for you to get started in the right direction:

1.Create Your FB Profile

Just visit facebook.com and just follow the Facebook 101 guidelines that will help you through the process of creating your own unique profile. This will also include your personal info, contact info, your education and job information to get know who you are as a REAL person. In addition, you must be certain to load up a first impression picture of yourself to have others getting to know you better.

2.Start Building Your Network

After you finished creating your FB profile, you can start looking up thoses that you know on Facebook (send in a friend request) and start building up that network marketing list with like-minded individuals. It’s real easy to do this, all you need to do is click on “Friends” on the Facebook navigation at the top of the page, then just click “Find” for searching for your friends online.

Once you started creating your list of FB friends, you can start communicating with a massive amount of people just interacting and having fun with them. This is absolutely a great way to begin communicating with your WARM market list. However, you can start sharing the Facebook 101 marketing tips and ideas about your products, services or your network marketing business opportunity.

When you start browsing around on Facebook you can start joining and creating your own group on the internet. Since you are involved in network marketing, I strongly recommend on targeting a list of MLM groups on Facebook. For instance, I would enter the keywords like “MLM”, “network marketing”  “Robert Kiyosaki” or “work from home”.

After that, you just need to click on a specific group to get more info about the FB group if you decided to make that commitment to join. Therefore, click “Join Group” or “Request to Join” to get involved with the group. If you want to create your own FB group, you just need to go to Settings>Application Settings>Groups>Create Groups.

You can absolutely start theses groups so you can start masterminding with other like-minded individuals to start sharing different idea’s or Facebook 101 success strategies to grow their primary MLM business opportunity.

3. Begin Networking       "Facebook 101"

Once you created your professional looking FB profile. Also finishing the other steps from this Facebook 101 guide, you are definitely ready to start networking with other like-minded individuals on Facebook. You must figure out what types of messages that you are going to offer that you are networking with.

What are you going to do is like sending out weekly updates on your success stories in your home based business. Maybe you might want to share your ideas, products reviews or testimonials from your customers.  Another great way to start implementing from this Facebook 101 guide is have written personal notes via messaging features to encourage your downline and start marketing your products or services to your potential prospects today!

Once you figure out what Facebook marketing strategy is working right now, you must need aside your daily plan of action on a consistent basis to your FB friends. After doing it for a while, it can be one of thoses fun marketing techniques utilizing theses Facebook 101 marketing approach. It has the potential for keeping in touch by communicating with your friends to ask questions and learn more about your products, services or your primary MLM business opportunity in the near future.

4. Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click)  

The absolutely best Facebook 101 guideline is paid advertising is thru pay per click. It has the capability to reach your exact targeted audience and to start connecting with real people to your home based business. You can begin targeting your paid advertising that is based on their age, gender and location so you reach millions of people worldwide.

You can point them to the right direction on theses Facebook 101 paid marketing strategies on your website or a specific product on Facebook. There is a Facebook 101 simple step-by-step instructions for creating approved FB PPC ads to your target audience right now!


If you are contemplating on learning and implementing this  Facebook 101 guide on the internet, you can get unlimited updates from the best Facebook 101 marketing tips for success BluePrint for FREE!!!

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