Effective Time Management Strategies For Success

by Danny on August 3, 2011 · 9 comments

"Time Management Strategies"It’s a must to apply theses time management strategies in your business that is critical to achieve your success and the types of lifestyle you always wanted that will make you happy. As we all know there is only 24 hrs on any given day.

So it is important to learn the effective management strategies that will determine your success. You must learn these essential secrets from the successful entrepreneurs and start implementing the time management strategies that can absolutely become a game changer in your life.

Time and Focus to learning these time management strategies

The main reason on applying theses time management strategies that has to be part of your business is to stay focused and consistent to stay commitmented in what it takes to achieve success. Nonetheless, you want to have a clear business plan to focus on one task at a time. It is essential on why the time management strategies is critical for business owners or internet marketers online.  

There are 2 important things that you absolutely need to solve on applying time management strategies. First of all, you must stay focused and getting rid of the distractions that is complete waste of your time like checking your email, checking your Facebook status updates, chatting or checking messages on Skype and having your cell phone on.

Theses are the common distractions as a internet marketer. You must plan your day in advanced throughout the week from Sunday-Saturday. If you absolutely do these unproductive things that I mentioned, then just do it once during your lunch break and another time after your daily tasks are finished or right before going to bed.

Second, You must set deadlines on your tasks on daily basis. Have those commitments written down either on a calendar. However, I personally use a Google calendar is seeking out my mission on the important tasks that needs to be done throughout the week.

Here are some of the powerful takeaways on applying theses highly recommendations and time management strategies:

Therefore, I apply these techniques successfully and you can absolutely use it to your advantage on implementing these time management strategies immediately!

1. Organize your files on your laptop or desktop computer so you can find things a lot easier.

2. Organize your toolbar website browser to start bookmarking your favorite or business websites a lot faster by managing your time.

3. Make a commitment on how much unproductive time you will end up spending on the social networking sites and/or checking your emails. So you must have a set time if needed because your time is valuable in your business.

4. Look for an experience coach/internet marketer so you can speed up your learning process and start implementing theses time management strategies. Therefore, you want to get better about yourself and surround yourself with like-minded individuals and people that brings value in the market place. Also you should start master minding with these experts who have more experience than you so you can eventually become successful as well.

I highly recommend in learning more about internet marketing through a community of entrepreneurs and network marketers.  You can absolutely get more information on a attraction marketing funnel from one of my previous blog posts here.

5. Also you should be utilizing the 20/80 rule that focuses on the 20% of daily productivity that brings in the 80% of generating revenues in your business.

6. Outsourcing on the things that you think you really don’t what to do or don’t have the passion for is definitely another one of theses time management strategies to explode your business online.

So here are some of the best tools and software I’m currently using on applying theses time management strategies online on a daily basis as a business owner or internet marketer:

Article Marketing Robot– Submitting your articles to directories

Market Samurai-Keyword Search

Tribe Pro-Instant back links to the social media sites

Gmail – Account for your email

Apply theses effective time management strategies immediately

If you absolutely take massive action and apply theses time management strategies, you will be surprised on how much valuable time you can potentially save, being more productive and how much profit you can make. So managing your time the smart way, you can definitely spend more time with family and friends, have more leisure time, hobbies, etc that is absolutely worth it on applying these time management strategies!



Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Excellent ideas.  I do those too. 

  • http://drpiyushpatel.com Piyush Patel

    Great tips Danny!! Keep them comin..

  • Godwin

    great stuff, this helps for me, i work a full time job and have a seemingly un-achievable target of 2 post every day in 60 days.

  • http://twitter.com/BrendaTsiaousis Brenda Tsiaousis

    Danny – you sound like a great organiser. And I definitely need to apply time management more effectively in my business. Thanks for the great ideas and tips

  • http://www.perigvennetier.com/network-marketing-blog/ Perig Vennetier

    Great stuff here Danny! I got to say I am generally organized but sometimes it can be tough to fit it all in the day 😉

  • Kim Mullette

    It’s amazing what you can achieve by simply implementing a few time management Strategies Danny, great tips here!

  • Kim Mullette

    It’s amazing what you can achieve by simply implementing a few time management Strategies Danny, great tips here!

  • http://ruthalade.com Ruth

    I use some of these tools as well and they are so time saving.

    I would rather buy a tool that would save me time, than spend hours on my computer.
    Ruth recently posted..How I Made $237 While On Holiday, Not Much But Ain’t Bad For Doing NothingMy Profile

  • http://neilbednar.com Neil Bednar

    Great post Danny, I have just really taken a step back to implement more of these tips. Thanks!
    Neil Bednar recently posted..Network Marketing Success-The Warm Market ListMy Profile

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