Effective Email Marketing Strategies Gone Wrong

by Danny on July 27, 2011 · 4 comments

"Email Marketing Strategies"It is critical to learn these effective email marketing strategies as a internet or network marketer to get your message to your readers. Prior to utilizing theses email marketing strategies, you must learn the principals on how to create an effective email message that your followers are willing to read and won’t consider your message as a spammer.

However, if you are sending your emails with the wrong message with the different of type of readers that can definitely hurt your business that can waste valuable time and money in this industry. Nonetheless, it is essential to avoid the email marketing strategies gone wrong to achieve success in internet or network marketing effectively!  

4 tips on email marketing strategies to explode your business online


First of all, the subject line or header is one of several KEY email marketing strategies. The first three words in your subject line that will determine if your message will be read from your audience. In fact, lot of email spam that can be determined just by containing specific words such as free, business opportunity and the use of a dollar sign or repeated exclamation points that are usually known as symbols in your email messages.

To avoid your email messages that is being considered spam is using a subject line that will get your audiences attention to get them to read your messages. However, I would advise on keeping the subject line to 60 characters or less and mention on the written headline that can benefit your readers to open your email message.

Also, you want to make sure your messages is relevant from your subject line and be honest about it. I highly recommend on split testing different subjects lines to figure out which ones are more effective that you can use by utilizing one of these email marketing strategies to explode your business.

Automated email marketing strategies

You can use one of those auto responders like for instance Aweber or Icontact. I prefer using Aweber because that is what I am using and recommend it to my clients to grow their business. These are series of online marketing email marketing strategies that can be automated to get your specific audience into your email marketing list.

To start building list is just placing your auto responders either on your website or blog that is relevant to your niche online. When your audience signs up to your mailing list, you are giving them the permission to send your readers emails about your upcoming offers or values in the market place. So the bigger your list, it increases your chances to be opened and read from your audience.

Viral marketing strategy is another email marketing strategies that you can learn to start building a large marketing list to gain new followers and the potential to get more buyers that opt in into your list other than from your website or your blog. You can easily do this by using social media on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter or even on YouTube to gain more credibility and exposure to grow your internet marketing and network marketing business.

Email marketing strategies on your email body

Your email messages should be grammar free and can be easily read without the careless written mistakes. Also, you must send your messages clearly to your audience that has to be short in order to keep your readers interested that is indeed outlined of your product or services that absolutely benefits them.

They will eventually buy from you or sign up in your primary network marketing business opportunity. If you implement theses tactics correctly your business is nothing but a guaranteed to explode just by learning theses email marketing strategies.



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  • Nicky Price

    Great post Danny – I don’t know how any marketer could contemplate being without an autoresponder.  It literally brings in the sales when I am asleep, on holiday or just doing other “stuff”.

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Great tips, yes it’s highly effective to automate your marketing through email.

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Great tips, yes it’s highly effective to automate your marketing through email.

  • http://www.insightempire.com/?p=1188 how to write an email

    Email marketing is something that takes a considerable amount of time to build, the list building process is probably the most difficult part, but it’s definitely worth the effort, providing your able to develop the traffic generation methods.

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