DrinkACT Scam Online Review On A Straight Forward MLM Company

by Danny on October 21, 2011 · 9 comments

"DrinkACT"You accidentally came across this page on DrinkACT! You are opening your eyes and you want to check out if this is a legit MLM business opportunity. I’m doing this MLM review for thoses are considering in signing up with this health and wellness business opportunity. Before I go on, I am no way associated or involved with this company. I’m a marketer that has written hundred reviews on different MLM companies on the internet.

DrinkACT Company Overview

In 2005, DrinkACT is created in utilizing the multi-level marketing business model. It is founded by Joel and Steve Wallach. DrinkACT is definitely one of the exploding companies that is within the Youngevity family of companies. It is based in the West Coast in Chula Vista, CA.

It often provides ordinary people a fantastic opportunity to have better health by eating their various choices of their health and wellness products to start making additional income by recruiting people from those products through a marketer who is a rep with DrinkACT. As of this writing, the company is involved in more than 40 various countries and they are more open to continue to expand there business in the market place.

DrinkACT Product Line

The company offers consumers 5 various health and wellness products in the market place today. First of all, the DrinkACT and Invigorita are both energy drinks. Second product is Saxi. It is a consumable product that contains ingredients in mangosteen and acai. Also the last product the company provides is a weight loss products called Drop It and Body Trim.

All of the company’s products are healthy for you and they are all indeed natural that can improve your lifestyle. You can get more information about the Drink ACT products from their website. It gives you more specific details on all of their products if you are interested in trying or purchase any on their products on their website.

If you consider in becoming a marketer with DrinkACT, you must activate a membership account. There are 3 different membership level packages. The membership that you can enroll is the Bronze at $249, Silver at $498 or at the Gold Level at $747 package. Once you make the payment, you will then receive the company’s products and business starter kit. Each starter kit is different, it depends which membership level that you paid for.   "DrinkACT"

Compensation Plan As A Rep With DrinkACT

Just like other compensation plans from different MLM organizations, DrinkACT uses the binary compensation plan that offers 7 different ways to get paid as a distributor with the company.  That said, the compensation plan just pays out to their reps at a maximum of total payout at 50%. It is usually the average with any multi-level marketing company in this industry.

So with a binary plan, you basically have two teams on each side while you get compensated that is based on the team volume of the lesser leg.  When you first get started with DrinkACT you will be put in either the right or the left leg in the binary. In fact, you must start sponsoring more than 2 people to start generating income with the company.

DrinkACT is absolutely a legitimate business opportunity. It isn’t a scam and a real network marketing company. It offers fantastic health and wellness products to the consumers. You start right away with a one time affordable investment that anyone can do. The only requirement, just like other consumable MLM companies,you have to get on a monthly autoship. Therefore, you become a marketer with the company and start generating income immediately.

In reality, for those brand new network marketers should know the facts that it doesn’t matter which MLM company that you are involved right now. If you don’t stay consistent, focused and aren’t sponsoring people into your primary MLM business opportunity, you will continue to struggle. You will eventually throw in the towel as a marketer with DrinkAct or any business opportunity.

Here are the real secrets to achieve success as a rep with DrinkACT that your upline isn’t telling you! You need to start utilizing a lead generation marketing system. You just need to be coachable, learn and implement a duplicatable online marketing strategies.

You can absolutely start sponsoring people into your primary MLM business opportunity.  After you have finished reading theses DrinkACT reviews, you can begin to start making monthly residual income starting TODAY!

  • http://www.yourcareerguide.org/ Marcie

    Hi Danny, and thank you for the review.
    I’m really glad to see another legit company that deals in health products, we need more of these.
    Marcie recently posted..Never Bad Mouth Former BossesMy Profile

  • http://www.brendatsiaousis.com Brenda

    Most distributors fail through lack of planning and a good marketing plan – its great that you have one which is easy to setup and follow.
    Brenda recently posted..Coaching Home Business Owners, Are You One Of Them?My Profile

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia

    Excellent information on Drink Act. No matter what leader brings you into the company, you do have to learn marketing. Great suggestions.
    Alecia recently posted..What is Syndication and How Do I Do It?My Profile

  • http://www.michaelharringtonblog.com Michael Harrington

    Hi Danny,
    Great review.
    This is the first time I have read up on this company.
    Thanks for updating us.
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  • http://www.successwithgodwinokoduwa.com Godwin Okoduwa

    Good info here on this company, you have also provided an excellent system for growth in the company. Well done Danny
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  • http://drewinnes.com Drew Innes

    Danny, great review. Mate there are so many companies out there!!! I think there are three keys to picking one; 1/. Unique product that is NOT a commodity that can be easily replicated or improved (with high demand) 2/ the comp plan MUST pay you today otherwise you’ll ‘die on the vine’ through lack of cashflow and 3/ you must have a turnkey marketing system with training and support. Truth be told you could sell ‘Dog Food’ as your primary business so long as it meets ALL three keys above.
    Drew Innes recently posted..Family IQ Review – Changing Lives Personally & Financially.My Profile

  • http://nathangonzalezmarketing.com Nathan Gonzalez

    Great review Danny!
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    I really liked reading your post!. Quallity content. With such a valuable blog i believe you deserve to be ranking even higher in the search engines :)

  • http://kimmullette.com Kim Mullette

    Great review Danny, with the right marketing system this company could be a great opportunity for anyone looking at mlm.
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