CPrime Review – 3rd Party Online Network Marketing Overview

by Danny on October 25, 2011 · 3 comments

"CPrime"You came across this article because your are considering in signing up with CPrime. Therefore, you want to do your due diligence before hand if this is the right business opportunity for you to join.

I’m going to give you my honest opinion on this CPrime review to give you the right financial decision if you want to enroll with this company. Before going on I am not a member of CPrime, Therefore I just wanted you to make sure that I am just doing this MLM review and I’m not associated with this company.   

CPrime Network Marketing Company

I learned about this company in the spring 2010. This MLM company is located in Draper, Utah. It is founded by an ex-BurnLounge rep and UNC college football running back Rob Deboer. If BurnLounge sounds familiar to you, it is because it gotten broken up by the FTC that claimed as a”pyramid scheme”. Rob was one of the top producers with the company at that time before he started his own MLM Company with CPrime in the home based business industry.

CPrime Network Marketing Product Line

The company sells a unique product called Neo band bracelets. It is very familiar to the EFX power bracelet. The targeted audience they typically market are usually professional athletes. Also individuals who are into better health, strength and athletic stamina. This MLM company has done a fantastic job in producing theses bracelets. They are getting great results from their customers.

Also, there several of the well know professional athletes who absolutely love their product like Tiger Woods, Robert Dydek and professional NBA player Devin Harris.  According to their website, you can get more information about this company that are using this product gets you to have much better strength, flexibility and balance even though there hasn’t been scientific proof on the actual products from theses Neo band bracelets.

CPrime MLM Business Opportunity    "CPrime"

The company offers a generous compensation plan. Just like many other MLM Companies out there, it uses a binary plan that typically offers 7 ways to make additional monthly income. CPrime offers retail bonus, first to order order bonus, team volume bonus, company matching bonus, bulk order bonus, lifestyle and leadership bonus for the top producers in CPrime.

Just like any MLM Company, You won’t rely simply on the company’s comp plan but it is based on your hard work to be a top income earner with CPrime or any MLM business opportunity.

At the end of the day, CPrime is a legitimate business opportunity and not a SCAM. You can really get monthly residual income if you really know how to start marketing your business opportunity properly is just simply standing out from the crowd.

CPrime Conclusion

After cautiously doing my research on this home based business that this product is indeed selling very well after reading other great CPrime reviews on the company and their NEO band bracelets. It seem like the company has a great leader within Rob DeBoer who has completely recovered from a disaster from another MLM Company.

Therefore, Is this the right company on this MLM business opportunity for anybody? Not necessary, you just need to have the passion for their product, if you don’t you will never achieve success as a rep with CPrime.

If you really want to thrive in this industry, you must market the business opportunity properly, start generating high qualified MLM leads, and the ability to recruit people quickly into your primary business opportunity.

You Need To Learn To Start Generating Unlimited Amount Of Leads For Your CPrime business Opportunity If You Are Struggling In MLM!

So in order to accomplish those things to prosper as a rep with CPrime, It is essential that you start utilizing an Attraction Marketing Funnel that will show you the way in branding yourself as a leader to gain credibility and exposure in MLM. Also, you have the capability to generate monthly residual income even when your prospects say NO to your CPrime MLM business opportunity.

  • http://mariegraceberg.com MarieGrace

    Very informative review here, Danny! I agree that your ability to generate massive amounts of leads to talk to makes all the big difference between the 5% who makes money, and the 95% who doesn’t. Well said!
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    Great article here Danny, this is a very informative review.

  • http://kimmullette.com Kim Mullette

    Great review Danny, I agree when it comes to choosing an MLM company you need to be passionate about their product and have a great marketing system like ours. Cheers!
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