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by Danny on October 28, 2011 · 6 comments

"Clever Container"You landed on this page on this Clever Container Review online. You are interested on reading this company review because you are doing your due diligence to see if it is really a legitimate MLM or just one of those “pyramid schemes“. Also, You can really make a lot of money in the home based business industry that is overlooked.

So before going on with this company review, I just want to let you know I am not associated or involved with this MLM Company. Therefore, I’m going to give the honest truth from this Clever Container Review.

Clever Container Overview and What Types of Products Do They Market?

There niche is in the home party plan business. Clever Container is co founded by Jennifer Weaver who is a stay at home mom and Karen Eshebach who is a professional organizer. The company is located in my home town in Detroit, MI. Clever Container got start back in 2006.  Your probably thinking their products are similar to Tupperware.   

After doing extensive research on the company and looking at the information on their website, it isn’t anything like Tupperware. Clever Container that offers various types of unique organizational products. The company does sell a enormous amount that you can choose from. The product line Clever Container sells to the customers are from a craft organization, kitchen organization, bath organization, laundry organization, office &  electronic organization and everything else between.

It is clearly that the organization line of the company’s products to make things easier when you want to organizing things without getting messy. Whether from your home or corporate office makes thing look neat and clean. Clever Container is a company that is a 4.36 billion dollar organizational industry. This is definitely a great niche to get involved if your open to start a business working from home.

Clever Container Compensation Plan

As a distributor with Clever Container, the company gives their reps a generous commission from 20% to 33% based on retail sales. There are other ways to get paid like for instance: creating a large downline/team and different types of bonuses that also include the leadership pool bonus.

Commission various on the product being sold that can be potentially higher than 20%. It depends on which rankings you are in from the company’s compensation plan. There are many factors that are into play to grow your business quickly to get into the highest qualifications level shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve success in the business effective immediately.

Clever Container To Your Fast Track To Your Success!   "Clever Container"

After doing extensive research, Clever Container is indeed a legitimate business opportunity. That said, “Clever Container Scam” isn’t a Pyramid Scheme that most people think!  They are absolutely selling fantastic organizational products. However, it has nothing to do in order to thrive in network marketing to start generating income with the company.

You are probably like everyone else that you are taught from your upline in applying the 3 sec rule or hassling your friends and family about your primary MLM business opportunity. Those types of people are most likely unqualified prospects anyways to build a organization in your company.

It is essential that you need to learn to recruit and sell. It is a must so that your prospects will be chasing you just providing value to them rather than pitching your MLM Company. You definitely want to take advantage online in learning and implement the 3 methods to leverage the internet.

You need to start generating qualified targeted MLM leads, branding yourself and the capability to get paid even though your prospects say NO to your primary business opportunity. It shouldn’t be too difficult to learn theses methods. You should be utilizing an attraction marketing funnel to grow your Clever Container MLM business opportunity fast to start seeing results right now!



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Danny Yoon

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  • Drew Innes

    Hi Danny, mate this is a fantastic unbiased review of Clever Container for anyone considering this business. Your comment about having a system for success is right on the money.
    Drew Innes recently posted..Are You A Prospecting Disaster?My Profile

  • Nathan Gonzalez

    Great review here Danny, thanks for sharing bro
    Nathan Gonzalez recently posted..3 Critical Musts To Achieve Massive Success In ZurvitaMy Profile

  • Marcie

    The niche is indeed great and, in my opinion, continually expanding.
    And the 20-33% comission almost makes it too good to be true.
    Marcie recently posted..Things to Avoid in an InterviewMy Profile

  • Kim Mullette

    Great review Danny on Clever Container, this is only the second time I have read about this company but it sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
    Kim Mullette recently posted..The Power of Residual IncomeMy Profile

  • Perig Vennetier

    Wow, it is great that there are business for all tastes. Interesting company you reviewed here Danny.
    Perig Vennetier recently posted..Empower Network, Awesome New Tool Or Distraction?My Profile

  • Alecia

    Thanks for the informative review. Looks like a great one to get involved in this season. Everyone is definitely organizing their holidays. Change of the seasons for sure. You really need to know how to market to people as they will trust you in what you have to offer. Not sure how the big residual income will work in this company though. More to look into as this is a new company.
    Alecia recently posted..How To Connect With Network MarketersMy Profile

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