Celebrating Home Reviews – Straight Forward MLM Company Overview

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"Celebrating Home"I’m going to give a straight forward review on Celebrating Home. You came across this blog post because you want to start investigating to see if Celebrating Home is a real business opportunity. You want to figure out if you can real make money in the network marketing industry. Therefore, I’m going to give you more details on the company, the products they provide and as well as the business opportunity if it is the perfect fit for you.

Celebrating Home Reviews – Merging Together As One Company

The company was founded in 2009, Celebrating Home is actually a combination of 2 companies that is formed together to be the most powerful and a trustworthy network marketing business opportunity for females. Celebrating Home that is merged together from 2 different companies.   

One of those companies is a Home Garden Party that was founded in the mid 90’s in 1996 by Steve and Penny Carlile. The company is based in Marshall, Texas. It’s one of the largest party planning décors in North America.

The second company is Home Interiors & Gifts that is founded back in 1957 by Mary Crowly. The company’s mission statement that offers a better career business opportunities for young females with a better lifestyle through renovating their homes and lives of ordinary people.  The company had grown over 100,000 distributors in the United States.

Celebrating Home Reviews – Party Plan & Decor Product Lines

The various types of products that Celebrating Home provides in the market place that is relevant to home décor products are scents & fragrances, home accents, dining & entertaining, decorator florals are just some of the products that the company sells in their niche.

The Business Opportunity Compensation Plan

To start investing on this business opportunity, you need to become a marketer with Celebrating Home by purchasing a business starter kit. The company provides different options on which types of kits that has the perfect fit for you.

Theses business starter kits as a rep with Celebrating Home usually starts from $149 plus the shipping and handling as well. Theses business starter kits will be delivered to your home that also includes examples of their products at your home parties or hotel gathering, along with the supplies to get your Celebrating Home business opportunity off and running to a fast start to grow your multi-level marketing business.

You can get paid 30-45% commission for every product that your sell at a retail prices as a distributor with the company. As for your efforts on sponsoring reps into Celebrating Homes, you can potentially get compensated on recruiting bonuses and override commissions that is based on the sales on your group in your organization.

In my honest opinion, Celebrating Home is a reliable network marketing business opportunity. You can really start making monthly residual income in the MLM industry. If you are thinking it is a Pyramid Scheme which it isn’t what so ever. The company is one of the best in their niche on the finest quality of home décor products and ideas for your homes.

This is a business opportunity is for you if you have the desire to start planning home parties for your own circle of family and friends. You can absolutely start participating to start making income in Celebrating Home starting today!



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