Building Relationships In MLM Is Vital For Success

by Danny on July 16, 2012 · 0 comments

"Building Relationships"Building relationships is the key to grow your MLM biz fast. It is the essential part that most marketers aren’t doing at all in multi-level marketing. If you don’t, it is certain that you wouldn’t get anyone to join your primary MLM biz opportunity!

Building Relationships In Network Marketing

You got to learn how to sell the biz opp. It’s not about pitching your MLM Company to your friends and family or in the cold market. Also, spamming your MLM Biz Opp on the social networking sites like on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin don’t work 99.9% of the time. You must start building relationships so they can know you better if they like and trust you first. 

If done properly when building relationship with people either offline at meet up groups or connecting online with people on Facebook to grow your network marketing business! They will eventually buy from you or sign up in your primary MLM business opportunity.

Key Strategies on Building Relationships

1)Building Rapport

This is a vital step to start connecting with people. You just start introducing yourself and find out more about another person. Start building that trust and building relationships with a individual is important to grow your business.

2)What You Have In Common

The second step is to figure out on what you have in common. It has to do with their interests, likes and dislikes. Therefore, you want to find out if you have the same interests with you or not is name of the game to start building relationships with people. 

3)Start Listening

You’ve got two ears and one mouth. You just need to listen carefully when coming in contact with a individual. You want figure out on what they are saying, so you have the potential to help him or her.  You want to start offering value to them rather than selling your MLM Biz opp to them to help the individual person to grow their network marketing business. 

4) Exchanging Biz Cards

To further extend and continue building relationships with people in a professional matter is offer a individual a business card. It’s a great strategy to follow up with him or her is critical to start building relationships to grow your business.

5) Follow up

The money is in the follow up that most people are afraid to do. You must start following up with a prospect within 24-48 hours of meeting him or her. Just pick up the phone and start a conversation with the person or send the person an email or friend them on facebook is another great way to follow up with your prospects.  

6)Building Your Network

You start building your network is just simply building relationship with people.  Like Robert Kiyosaki once said, ‘The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work!

This helps for getting referrals or get a individual to work with you in a biz or possible joint venture with you. Building relationships with people is just listening, responding on what he or she said and find out on what you have in common with that person.  

You definitely want to pick up the phone is important. If you have that fear with talking with people, I highly recommend to get any products from Todd Falcone or Dani Johnson that can help with your anxiety when connecting with people.

It will be worth the hard work. Therefore, you can gain new customers and the possibility to get referrals to your business. Thus, building relationships in MLM or any business will help you to grow your biz to start making 6-7 figures today!

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