Content SyndicationYou absolutely want to do some type of content syndication if you start blogging. Most people aren’t doing this if you want to generate traffic to your website or blogs online.

This will help you to start increasing traffic, get more subscribers into your list and start making money when you are writing content.

The Importance On Content Syndication

If you are just starting out online, it’s very important to learn the basic skills on content syndication. You seriously want to grow a successful home based business or in network marketing syndicating your content. Therefore, you want your target market to start reading your blog posts.  

Content syndication that has to do with getting permission from other content writers or bloggers to start using the copyrighted versions of your content on other sites or blogs. There are a few different methods on content syndication that can be learned and applied via the internet.

Here Are Some Of The Ways To Start Syndicating Your Content

1. Submitting your content to article directories

This is definitely one of the best ways on content syndication. This helps to start posting your content in the market place like for instance Ezinearticles or Hubpages. Therefore, you have the permission to start adding 1 or 2 backlinks to your site or blog.

Anybody that comes across any type of article directories when searching for high quality articles from their site or blogs. This is a great way on content syndication on a high authority site. Therefore, your website will certainly increase traffic to your site or blog on the internet.

2. Creating Web 2.0 Accounts

Another great method on content syndication is to start searching for various Web 2.0 high authority sites online that is relevant to your niche. You can start creating different accounts with them. Therefore, you can begin posting your articles to these Web 2.0 sites.

In addition, there are a few Web 2.0 sites that are offering bloggers an opportunity for content syndication. It can be time consuming if you are doing it manually when putting  your content out there on multiple sites. You can have these tasks outsourced for you either through Fiverr or Odesk!

Content Syndication On The Internet

When you start doing content syndication, you can start taking advantage from this free marketing strategy if done properly to get more exposure to your website or blogs. In addition, it helps to increase traffic to your site, generate sales, increasing the size of your mailing list, increase your presence online and getting your brand out there on the internet.

Also, you will get more recognized as an expert in your niche. It’s really based on your efforts on content syndication to increase  your chances to get your content ranked in the search engines by syndicating your content.

Content syndication can increase your traffic to your site if you have the ability to extend the reach of your content online. People can find your content else where other than through content syndication. They will most likely to start reading your blog posts. Also, they are willing to start reading your other blog posts that are relevant to your niche when visiting your site.  Content Syndication

If they like on what they are reading, they will opt-in into your list or even buy your products or services that can lead to more sales or revenue  from your content.

For every piece of written content will be syndicated, you get some backlink juice to your site or blogs. These backlinks would look like votes. This helps your sites to start telling the search engines that people like your blogs because of its high quality content.

This automatically leads to higher rankings in the search engines and together with all your content or articles, you will definitely gain some credibility and become an authority in the eyes of your readers.

I hope you got some value reading this blog post on content syndication!


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Content Syndication


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Writing ArticlesGet free traffic by writing articles so your website or blog is found on the internet. Whenever you are writing articles on your site so you can generate free traffic online.

This helps to gain more credibility and exposure for being an expert in your field when your target audience is interested on what you have to offer.

If they find something interesting when they click a link on your site, they are willing to buy a product or service from you.

Writing articles also helps to get your content to increase your search engine ranking. Furthermore, there are many advantages to generate free traffic by writing articles.  

Generate Free Traffic By Writing Articles   

First of all, you must start generating free traffic by writing articles from this marketing strategy to get people to find your content from the search engines. Therefore, you are offering great information that you are sharing to others to get free traffic to your site or blog in order to get more exposure for you’re business.

In addition, it’s very important to offer a call to action towards the end when writing articles or blog posts with a link to your site or lead capture page to increase traffic to your site. 

Writing ArticlesIf you are brand new to internet marketing when trying to build a business online when writing articles in order to get free traffic to your site.

You want your target audience to get to know you better, what your interests are and most importantly on what value that you are offering to your readers.

Other Ways To Get Free Traffic By Writing Articles   

This is a free marketing strategy when writing articles online to get first page ranking on the search engines. If the content is a high quality written article when given a good first impression to your readers that come across  your website.

If you are a busy working at a corporate America job, you definitely can start hiring professional English writers to start writing articles in your behalf. Writing articles on a regularly basis can be time consuming. It will cost some money when outsourcing your written articles when you don’t have the time to do it on your own.

It’s important to get your articles optimized the proper way in order to get ranked on the search engines. This technique is great to generate free traffic and leads to your site. You must start publishing new articles online with a relevant link back to your site. The search engines can find the links without any problem and therefore it makes it easy from your site to be more relevant from the search engines.

High quality backlinks to your written articles that can be more popular through social media sites like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. This absolutely increases your chances for your articles to improve from the search engines when others start sharing your content or commenting on your articles helps you to generate free traffic and leads online for your business.

The Importance On Keyword Search When Writing Articles

It’s vital to do your keyword search the proper way. With the right targeted keywords (money keywords) to your site and your content with certainly be more relevant to your readers. Therefore, it is very important to stay focused on writing articles to generate free traffic as an expert in your niche.   Writing Articles

You never want to overuse your keywords that you are looking to use on your site. You got to be certain your content is relevant and they are high quality written articles on your site. 

Just a reminder, when you start writing articles  in order to generate free traffic to your site is the key to make your content SEO friendly. Therefore, it’s vital for your written content makes a first impression to your readers so you know exactly what you are talking about when writing articles.

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Writing Articles


Danny Yoon

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Get Paid To WriteYou are thinking about to Get paid to write if you have a passion for writing as a blogger. It’s not that difficult to do for a living as a career. Of course, you are getting paid to start writing content online. However, there are literally millions of web pages on the internet today. Money is made by writing content on a regular basis if it is done the right way!

Get Paid To Write On The Internet

If you really don’t want to waste your valuable time writing blog posts, you can begin searching and hiring English writers to get paid to start writing online for you. This is called to be known as outsourcing. Writing content is absolutely a good way to start making money online. This certainly helps for you to start building up your exposure, credibility, experience and your skills while building a great career as a content writer. 

How Much Are You Worth To  Get Paid?

To be really honest with you, it’s based on your past experience and skills as a writer.  However, it depends on what type of written projects you previously worked on and if your clients are happy with your content that is high quality as a English writer. If you seriously want to get paid to write blog posts or articles online, you will get paid approximately $5 per 500 word article when you are first starting out.

After gaining some experience and building up your credibility as a writer, you can begin making $10-20 per 500 word article that can equal to about $150-250 per day. Also, you can start getting paid to begin writing short reports, you can start charging around $120 per report when starting out.

Once you gain some experience as a great content writer than you absolutely can get some higher-end clients that are willing to pay you upwards of $1000 per report they can start selling immediately. However, this isn’t a lot of money in the beginning, you potentially can get paid to write within the first few years of experience if you are determined to work very hard for your passion as a writer.

Additionial Ways To Get Paid To Write

There are certainly other good ways to get paid to write online. You can get paid to start writing from different types of writing and projects like for example: sales copy, newsletters, follow up auto-responder series and an e-book you can start with as a writer.

How Can You Get Paid To Write For Beginners?    "Get Paid To Write"

If you really have a passion as a writer, you will need to get a client that is willing to work with you or a piece of content that you can start selling.

If you want to get paid to write as your career, it’s very important for you to start applying for freelance writing jobs that are available on the web from such places like Elance, Odesk or Fiverr is definitely great places to start looking for high quality writing gigs online.

There are definitely unlimited potential for writers to get paid to begin writing on the world wide web right now. Prefer English writers only if possible! You can start off by writing small batches of blog posts or articles and start selling it to bloggers on the internet today!

I highly recommend for you to start writing high quality short reports and have it published through Amazon Kindle. Also, you can start your own blog or website online and get paid to write your very own how to products or guide to start selling on your own website or blog to your target market in your niche.

Do you really want to get paid to writer content on the web in the 21st century? It can be very frustrating and difficult to make a great living as a writer. Therefore, you really want it bad enough to start gaining some exposure, credibility and marketing yourself online as a professional writer at the same time. If you seriously want to make money writing, it’s very important to begin learning how to get clients that are worth to you in the long run in order to get paid as a writer.

These strategies aren’t difficult to learn and it doesn’t take much practice. You can learn more on how to do it just by watching this free video here: Get Paid to Write.

Don’t ever give up your dreams! It’s not impossible to make an amazing living for yourself. Learn more ways you can Get Paid for Writing by clicking the link.




Get Paid To Write

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Get Paid To Write


Danny Yoon

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3 Video Blogging Tips Online

by Danny on June 17, 2013 · 0 comments

Video BloggingVideo blogging is definitely a great way to get your audience attention when you are branding yourself online.

This helps to build up your credibility in your niche. It’s because video is more powerful than text when you are communicating to people that are watching your vlogs.

If you are doing video blogging properly, they will feel they know you as a friend. This helps for them to like and trust you through video when engaging with your audience. Therefore, they are willing to buy your products, services or join your business opportunity on the spot.

3 Ways To Get Good From Video Blogging

1.Cutting Videos: You must start getting people to notice your video’s to get the right message to your audience. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you are using to start shooting videos. You can start using your IPhone or Android smartphone to get front of the camera.

Therefore, you only got 5 seconds to get your audience determined to watch the whole video or else they will move on to a different video. Your viewers have a small attention span if you are doing video blogging done right and are willing to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

Your viewers might be watching your videos on Facebook or doing a Google research when they came across one of your video blogs online. It’s vital to get them to stop whatever they are doing in order to get their full attention from your message through video blogging.

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2.Offer Value: It’s very important to start offering value through video blogging to your audience. Therefore, you must do video blogging properly. This is why the first 5 seconds of your message is vital. After you are getting their full attention, you have to give them the specific details on exactly what subject you are talking about when you are doing video’s through YouTube.

For instance, you can say something like “If  you take a minute of your time watching this video, you are going to learn 3 video blogging tricks and tips that hasn’t been shared yet that will take your blogs for being not noticed to start going viral!”  

Obviously, you want to get people to come back and start watching more of your videos. This is a very important step on video blogging that must be done right. You want to keep your promise but at the end of your videos, you want to make sure to start offering value on what exactly you are going to share to your viewers. Video Blogging

3.Visualizing: When people to start watching video’s rather than reading text from a blog post, they will start seeing images that is going through an individual’s mind by simply visualizing on what your message came across through video blogging. 

You can start building your visualization by telling stories, cartoon images and information. Your audience are watching it through video blogging.

This helps to put the picture in their mind when delivering a great visualization when offering value and tips to your target market. 

Stay Focused On Video Blogging

You have to keep practicing and stay consistent when cutting videos. You don’t want to be afraid to get in front of the camera if you really want to get the results you always wanted. Therefore, video blogging is a very powerful strategy to grow your business online today.

Learn Video Blogging By Clicking Here To Get Your Content Ranked In Order To Generate FREE Traffic And Leads For Your Business On The Internet.

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Video Blogging

Danny Yoon

Facebook: Dannysyoon

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Off Page SEO|Social Monkee Backlinking Tool

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There is a great backlinking tool called Social Monkee. I have been using this tool for the past 9 months. It is critical to start implementing the off page SEO strategies to have any chance for your blog posts or articles to get on the first page in the search engines.  If you don’t already […]

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SEO Content Writing To Have Your Content Found On The Internet

April 17, 2013

It really does make a big difference whether if you are a article writer or a small biz owner, it is critical that you understand correctly on SEO content writing. 2 things that you must know to get your content ranked on the search engines like on Google: One is doing the proper keyword research […]

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