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by Danny on April 23, 2012 · 3 comments

"SEO Strategy"This one takeaway you can start learning this SEO strategy. You are obviously struggling or trying to get familiar with search engine optimization. Therefore, you are overwhelmed with different SEO strategy and techniques online. You absolutely should not worry about it that much because I’m going to offer the basic strategies that are effective that you can implement right away.

The Best SEO Strategy And Basics

Before writing your blog posts, it is critical to do your keyword research first. It is absolutely the most important SEO strategy if you have any chance to get on the first page in the search engines. So what is exactly the best way to do your “money” keyword research is using either a free keyword search tool or paid ones like Market Samurai or SEO Cockpit.

Obviously, paid keyword research tools offers you the best long tail variations of the keywords that you are looking for. The long tail keywords gives you better results with less competition.  The short tail keywords that are very competitive with little chance to get on the first page rankings in the search engines.

On Page SEO Strategy

After you done your keyword research, it’s now the time to put them in the right places. On Page SEO strategy is vital to have the keyword on each blog post on your site. Utilizing a keyword that is appropriate and NOT spamming the keywords all over the place when writing your content.

This is usually the best SEO strategy to find the best target keywords in your niche and then create that content that is based on those keywords. As for the keyword density for your specific keyword should be approximately between 1-3 percent and your On Page score of at least 90 or better!

Off Page SEO Strategy

Now your blog post has all the keywords in your content. Now, the next step is to do the Off Page SEO strategy. This is the vital part that MOST bloggers aren’t doing when creating content. It’s all about building backlinks and the most vital part of a link that would be your anchor text.

It’s really describing a link, often offering what the site is all about. Nonetheless, you should use your targeted keywords in your niche of the anchor text. The more backlink juice to your content will increase your chances to get first page ranking in the search engines like for instance Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you are contemplating on purchasing backlinks, I encourage NOT to do so. You are just wasting your money. Nonetheless, the search engines really don’t like this approach and should you be found out engaging with this type of activity that your website can be penalized. If you DO, your site should be SHUT down after your hard work on writing all that content on your blog!

Other than applying backlinking to your site, there is definitely other off page optimization SEO strategy that you can apply. You can do Pinging, Social Bookmarketing and the ability to submit your site’s RSS feed to RSS feed aggregators. In addition, you can do video marketing like for instances YouTube.

Simple SEO Strategy Online

This is just the basic SEO strategy that you can learn and implement right away, especially, if you are a beginner with SEO. You just need to take it slow in learning this SEO strategy and work your way up in the advance level just taking one step at a time.

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  • Ken Pickard


    These basic SEO steps are perfect for new people. Like breaking in a brand new sports care you want to break in a brand new blog slowly. To many back links to fast can and will hurt a new blog. the more naturally a blog is built up as an authority site the better.

    This is where a good syndication group comes into play. By using other peoples social sites and communities you can build up a brand new site pretty easily.

    There’s no need to “Game” the system when it’s all done manually. At least in the beginning.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad
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  • Lucy Bieri

    Hi Danny

    Thanks for sharing this simple to understand basic SEO strategy,, Any beginner can easily implement it immediately .. Keep it up..

  • BG Jenkins

    Hi Danny,

    Great info on strategies for SEO for article marketing.
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