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"Social Monkee"There is a great backlinking tool called Social Monkee. I have been using this tool for the past 9 months. It is critical to start implementing the off page SEO strategies to have any chance for your blog posts or articles to get on the first page in the search engines.  If you don’t already know what SEO stands for it is abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization.

The main reason you want to start using Social Monkee as one of your backlinking tools, so the search engines can start indexing and crawling your content on a regular basis.

Social Monkee also definitely helps get your pages or posts get better search engine optimization for your targeted “money keywords”. The more backlinks you have from your posts, there is a good chance your content will get on the first page either on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Obviously there are a lot of junk backlinking tools that is complete waste of your time and money. If you want to do other money making activities other than doing the off page SEO, you could pay someone to do the time consuming backlinking for you. The best sources for outsourcing is either from Odesk or Fiverr!

Social Monkee is affordable for anyone can spend rather than spending those expensive SEO backlinking tools. Social Monkee is simple to use that you do it yourself that offers you instance backlinks to your post from 25 unique backlinks on a daily basis for FREE!

Social Monkee Offers The Highest Quality Backlinks

All the links are unique C-Class IP addresses and in addition to the domain names. You have the potential to start building 25 unique backlinks on a daily basis. So, you are really getting 175 backlinks per week, 750 every month.

If you want to get even more backlink juice to your post is upgrading your account and the capability to get 100 unique backlinks 3x per day! Therefore, you are getting 2,100 backlinks every week, that’s 9,000 backlinks every month.

You can upgrade to a Premium Account for free without spending a DIME! You just need to refer 12 people to Social Monkee and your account will automatically get an upgrade. If you really don’t want to wait, you can upgrade it for a low fee!

Using Social Monkee is simple to use and just submitting your post in less than 2 minutes. If you use a Firefox plugin, you absolutely can do it a lot quicker! It allows to "Social Monkee"submit your posts up to 100 sites with just a click of a mouse.

As a member with a Social Monkee Premium Account, you can get access to the RSS feeds and link reports as well. It is definitely a good way to keep track of your backlinks and get them indexed quickly. So submitting your RSS feed to RSS submitters is vital in building backlinks.

Social Monkee Results!

If you start using Social Monkee, it will vary with your own results on utilizing this Off page SEO backlinking tool. I just use the Premium Account with other backlinking tools that I use. The actual quality backlinks using Social Monkee that definitely has great backlinking juice in my opinion.

So just adding Social Monkee is MUST to start generating more backlinks to your posts. I strongly recommend on using this backlinking tool today if you are a serious internet marketer!

What the heck are you waiting for? You can become a member with Social Monkee for FREE while it is still in the market. It won’t last forever! Nonetheless, you can check out my blog post on theses blogging tips here and other marketing strategies on SEO! 


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"Article Marketing Robot Review"

Article Marketing Robot review online for brand new users!

You stumbled across this Article Marketing Robot review on the internet. If you want your articles or blog posts to get first page ranking on the search engines like on Google for instance. Therefore, Article Marketing Robot is definitely for you.

Article Marketing Robot Review

As a internet marketer, you are probably skeptical if this software actually works. So you want to do your due diligence from this Article Marketing Robot review. You absolutely came to the best Article Marketing Robot review on this article marketing software!

AMR is cheap and affordable for only a 1 time investment of $97. I first heard about this software and Article Marketing Robot review from Rob Fore last year after watching a live MLSP webinar. I bought it on the spot! Therefore, I have been a user with Article Marketing Robot since February 2011 after reading past Article Marketing Reviews online.

When I first started using AMR to test it out if it is for real to start seeing results and generate more traffic to your website or blog. After just a week, my site starts getting results. Therefore, there was a lot of my “Money Keywords” getting ranked on the first page on Google! 

This is probably the best investment that you can buy from this Article Marketing Robot review by far after using other software’s and tools I used in the past that isn’t successful as AMR. Nonetheless, I decided to write this honest Article Marketing review that I’ll fill you in. Just using this software alone helped out to get more visitors to my blog. 

I was generating between 10-15 leads per day and getting around 400-500 visitors per month to my site! Prior to using Article Marketing Robot I was generating less than 5 leads per day and getting less than 100 visitors to my blog!

If you are serious to start growing your business utilizing the internet right now, it’s essential to start using tools like Article Marketing Robot if you want any chance to get your articles, blog posts or YouTube videos to generate traffic and get your articles found in the search engines. 

"Article Marketing Robot Review"Keyword Research From This Article Marketing Robot Review

If you start writing tons of content on the internet and NOT using any tools, you won’t get your articles found! Therefore, it is critical to do your keyword research for targeting your specific keywords in your niche.

If your site is NEW, then you should go for less competing keywords that are usually long tail keywords.

You should go after keywords at a minimum of 300 monthly global searches using the Google keyword research tool. This will definitely help to get your articles get top position rankings and using Article Marketing Robot software as well!

After doing your keyword research, it is essential to spread your articles or blog posts all over the place online that is directly pointing to your article, website or YouTube video. You must start diversifying your anchor text with Article Marketing Robot if you want to get your keyword ranked on Google.

Ever since the Google Penguin update, anchor text diversity is a must in order to get your content ranked in the search engines today! Prior to the update, you didn’t have to do anchor text diversity at that time!

What Does This Article Marketing Robot Review Do For You?

AMR is simply submitting your articles to thousands of different article directories. The more article directories that you can find the better. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend to go to to buy thousands of approved articles for only 5 bucks!

This helps to get your articles get ranked from theses popular sites. In addition from this Article Marketing Robot review allows you to add as many profile accounts as you want.   "Article Marketing Robot Review"

Another feature that is added from this Article Marketing review is that you can submit spun articles into AMR. However, I don’t use that feature! But I use Best Spinner instead to spit out unique content.

This helps to increase your chances for success for articles, blog posts and videos from Googles eyes from the search engines that looks at unique content!

If Google starts seeing the same content, it will start deindexing all the links because it looks unnatural! Google wants everything to look natural and unique. They prefer White Hat rather than Black Hat SEO. This is the reason why I love Article Marketing Robot.

Nonetheless, you can set up AMR and submit your articles on autopilot instead at once!  You can start ranking your content in a matter of days or weeks and see your articles get ranked on the search engines after reading this Article Marketing Robot review today!

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"Article Marketing Robot Review"




The Best Link Building Software In 2012

"Best Link Building Software"




Best Link Building Software Info

You want to have the best link building software online. If you have your own blog or website for a while, you are frustrating on getting more traffic, leads and buyers on the internet. Therefore, you absolutely want to get to the top of the search engines like Google for instance. You are doing your research for the best link building software on the market in 2012.

It is essential to be one of the best internet marketers if you want to get to the top positions on the search engines if you want to start building quality backlinks to your content. To get out of the best link building software that offers a consistent amount of traffic to your site. It has the potential on creating backlinks that can get spread over the internet.

It is critical to do your due diligence on the best link building software to get more readers or buyers to my blog since I created my own website branding myself. Therefore, I have wasted thousands of dollars on different backlink softwares and programs that are mostly junk. Since October of last year, I feel confident on using the best link building software that are finally getting the result that I’m looking for.   

The best link building software I strongly recommend is a product called Automatic BackLink Creator 3000. This best link building software literally automatically creates backlinks for your site just simply finding other blogs and websites that are relevant by hyperlinking traffic to your pages or posts.

Just building backlinks manually can be time consuming and I have literally spent less time doing other money making productivities every day. This is why I researched on the best link building software that actual works and it is affordable for the basic package.

Now, I don’t have to waste time manually building backlinks to my own site. Therefore, I can just stay focused on writing high quality content or doing other money making productive things. Nonetheless, the best link building software is all automated on my site or blog. "Best Link Building Software"

You can absolutely start building more backlink juice to your site that can be automated to increase your ranking and traffic to your website instantly! The way this best link building software works is simply finding blogs or websites that are relevant to your niche to your own blog.

You then can start creating hyperlinks within those blogs or websites that links back your own posts or pages on your site. Nonetheless, the more backlink juice that you generate that will help to start getting more traffic to your pages or posts and increase your chances to get higher searching engine rankings on Google!

Having backlinks to your blog or site is like a vote in the search engines like for instance, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Basically the more backlinks to your pages or posts will increase your chances to get on top of the search engines. Just simply investing your time on the best link building software on potentially getting the highest amount of backlink juice to your site.

Automatic Backlink Creator 3000 that is used on your anchor texted keywords that are found in the body of your blog posts that will figure out where to start building backlinks to your site. ABC 3K that also provides you with your own keywords that aren’t appeared in your title of your posts or or your website.

You can get more information about the best link building software to starting generating massive traffic to your site. If you are contemplating on getting the Automatic Backlink Creator 3000, you should buy it right now that is currently on sale starting on March 19 before the price increases. Therefore, this is absolutely the best link building software in my honest opinion to get top search rankings on your site today!


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