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by Danny on June 9, 2011 · 4 comments

Free MLM LeadsFree MLM Leads To Generate Traffic To Your Website or Blog!

Your probably one of those struggling internet marketers and trying to get free MLM leads without spending any money. However, you are trying to find a way to thrive in this industry. You absolutely want to have that online presence and attract prospects and get free MLM leads to your website or blog on a daily basis. So no traffic, no profit for your business.

Nonetheless, I’m involved in network marketing and internet marketing, I have the passion to help the 97% of the people that are currently struggling in this industry. You came across is blog for a reason online to find success in your business. However this article is mainly on the topic of discussion on getting free MLM leads in network marketing. I’ll also give you 2 free MLM leads marketing strategies that can be implemented right away!

Learning These Skills That Is Simple To Get Free MLM Leads Online

It isn’t easy as you think to learn these free MLM leads marketing strategies. A lot of people are willing pay to get traffic and leads to their website or blog. If you have the money and the investment that is being spent on this type of marketing like Pay Per Click Marketing that is affordable for you.

Therefore, you can go ahead with paid marketing strategies. I wouldn’t have a problem with that at all. Just implement the strategies that is already working for you. Regardless if it is paid strategy or getting free MLM leads on the internet. It really doesn’t matter.  

I personally would go in the direction to generate free MLM leads methods to get your website or blog get on the first page in the search engines like google for instance. You must stay focused and be consistent in producing money making activities that you can give valuable content to your followers that are willing to read, watch a YouTube video or socializing on Facebook.

Also you are having the ability to contact as many people as possible getting free MLM leads by generating non-paid traffic. You want to start building relationships with those people and talking to them over the telephone. Therefore, you are offering them help in their struggles in their MLM business opportunity.

After reading testimonials and hearing successful stories from internet marketer that made 6-7 figures in this industry that are only relying on free MLM leads marketing strategies to generation free MLM leads and traffic in their business. They are duplicating these free MLM leads techniques successfully. In fact, many of these entrepreneurs did that to thrive in internet marketing or network marketing today.

2 Marketing Strategies To Get Started In Generating Free MLM Leads For Your Business!


This is the best method in my opinion to generate free MLM leads is to start with a blog. It is really essential for your business as a internet marketer. Nonetheless, you need to start writing optimized blog posts that is “keyword optimized”. It is critical to do your keyword research first to get on the first page on Google or other related search engines.

There are literally thousands of network marketing keywords that you can use to write posts on your blog. What I recommend is using Market Samurai to find that golden keyword. If done correctly, you will definitely get more free MLM leads and traffic to your blog. Therefore, you will get more buyers means more profits for you in your internet or network marketing opportunity.

Also you need to implement on how to be good at on-page optimization for your targeted network marketing or MLM long tail keywords from your written blog posts. Nonetheless, you have lack of back links to get first page on Google. So if you what to get first page rankings on the search engines, it is critical to start creating back links into your blog posts. I would suggest using both Article Marketing Robot and UAW (Unique Article Wizard) to get more back links to your written blog posts.

It isn’t that difficult to start optimizing your blog post and generating free MLM leads for your business using the internet!

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a skill that you can absolutely master and not that much different when writing a blog post. Creating videos on YouTube can have a huge impression when you first implementing video marketing strategy is a another option to generate free MLM leads for your business. You probably can’t ever imagine how many potential free MLM leads you can get by simply creating a video on the internet.

People want to do business with other people they like and trust. Start having relationships with your prospects is critical when you are involved in network marketing in the first place.

Video marketing can be really simply as 1-2-3 than any other free MLM lead marketing strategies! In order to work well for you, You must have confidence, have great energy and impression to people. There isn’t another way around it. You can’t really fake it in order to make it through video marketing.

It just doesn’t work that way. It just takes time just practicing video marketing. So what if you’re a beginner in doing video. Your videos might suck. Just do it! Keep practicing and practicing. Eventually, you will feel more confidence in doing videos then your viewers will be more impressed with your videos. They will want to get to know more about you and your business.

These 2 free MLM leads marketing strategies can be powerful for your network marketing business

Also it is important to contact your prospects on a daily basis. So network marketing is a numbers game. Therefore, you must do daily tasks and contact or follow up with at least at a minimum of 10 new people on any given day and start building trust and relationships with your prospects!

If you stay focused, be consistent and get free MLM leads online in your network marketing business, you will absolutely see massive results and the lifestyle changes that you always wanted in this industry!

  • Brenda Tsiaousis

    Great article Danny – thanks for sharing such useful content.

  • Alecia Stringer

    Yes, staying focused is the hardest part.  Look at it long term and you’ll keep going for success.  

  • Anonymous

    Great post Danny. Thanks for the great nuggets

  • April Marie Tucker

    This is great Danny!! I agree that Free MLM Leads are the best. It’s kind of funny but when I started online I started just creating videos. I would learn something or have a story to share then cut a video. The blog came later as I didn’t even know what one was but once I started blogging my business really took off. Thanks for sharing this awesome info Danny!! You rock!!
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