Ambit Energy Scam – Can You Profit As A Distributors In Your Downline in MLM?

by Danny on June 23, 2011 · 2 comments

Ambit Energy ScamAmbit Energy Scam is a legit business opportunity in MLM


Just wanted to write a review if Ambit Energy Scam is a legit network marketing business opportunity that is all over the place on the internet to make your own smart choice if this the perfect MLM company to enroll. Ambit Energy is involved in the energy industry in the following states in Texas, Delaware, Illinois and New York with a variable price energy plans and fixed rates and outstanding savings on their costs on the consumers energy bill.

Ambit Energy is located in Dallas, Texas and the co-founders of the company are chief marketing officer Chris Chambless and Executive Officer Jere W. Thompson Jr. Nonetheless, Ambit Energy Scam isn’t a pyramid scheme that implements a MLM marketing model to expand their energy supply by word of advertising. If Ambit Energy Scam was really a pyramid scheme then the energy corporation won’t  exist today. Therefore, I wouldn’t writing a article on Ambit Energy Scam right now!  

Ambit Energy built their reputation and credibility that most network marketing that usually don’t in this industry. Therefore, Ambit Energy is a verified “licensed” retail supplier on selling unlimited amount of energy, It is absolutely not a Ambit Energy Scam at all! So the Ambit Energy Scam that you are probably reading about online aren’t telling you the real facts about the company.

Those articles on the internet on Ambit Energy Scam aren’t telling you the truth. In matter of fact, Ambit Energy is a profitable MLM business. So, as long you take action, follow a duplicatable system then you will absolutely achieve success in this industry. Also, it is important that you have the passion about the Ambit energy products and services, not a Ambit Energy Scam the company offers in the marketplace then this business opportunity is definitely for you.

Ambit Energy past generated sales and profit that also included in 2008. Ambit energy revenues were approximately $200 million. A year later in 2009 the revenues were well over $320 million. Right now, Ambit Energy that has momentum going and growing very quickly in the energy industry. They were recently named as one of the fastest growing privately held corporations in the state of Texas by SMU’s Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship from their yearly Dallas, Texas top 100 rankings.

The only downsize about this Ambit Energy Scam reviews, they are only operating in 4 states in the United States.

Despite the fact Ambit Energy is doing business from those states that they are one of the leading and fastest growing energy company at the moment. As a distributor with Ambit Energy you can still potentially grow your business quickly in getting free leads and traffic from Texas, Delaware, Illinois and New York today. It isn’t a optional to live in one of those states to do business as a sponsor in Ambit Energy.

What is the investment to enroll as a distributor in Ambit Energy?

The startup fee to sign up as an independent distributor with Ambit Energy is only a one-time fee of $399. This is your actual investment to join the MLM business opportunity with Ambit Energy. The company includes advertising and marketing fees. Ambit Energy Scam and overall reviews is a legitimate network marketing opportunity that will provide you with real products and services, and integrity.

That said, Ambit Energy Scam is a real network marketing  company. Therefore, it isn’t an Ambit Energy Scam that some people claim. You can absolutely start creating residual income in a home based business that are willing to promote and expand their Ambit Energy business opportunity in TX, DE, IL & NY. However, the company is looking for like-minded people to sacrifice their time and money to succeed in the energy industry.

Ambit Energy Scam isn’t a pyramid scheme to start making income immediately.

Can you start making money as a distributor from this Ambit Energy Scam review today? Of course you can if this energy supplier is the perfect opportunity and you must have the passion for their services in the energy supply to thrive in a home based business.

In my honest opinion from this Ambit Energy Scam, It is  just like in any network marketing business opportunity in the market place. It is essential that you absolutely must be with the best leaders with integrity, excellent education, marketing and a lead generation system that can easily be duplicated to achieve success as a Ambit Energy distributor.

If really you want to be in the 3% of marketers, not only as an Ambit Energy distributor to find success in network marketing industry, You must take the time and effort to work hard, stay consistent, never give up, take action and follow a duplicatable system.  If you do those things then you will absolutely thrive in network marketing. In fact alot of individuals think Ambit Energy Scam because you heard stories from ex -distributors who haven’t made a dime in the industry.

There are many attraction marketing systems out there online, but there is only a few that can actually show you to start generating leads and making profits in network marketing today! I hope that is Ambit Energy Scam Review is helpful for you by doing your due diligence to figure out if Ambit Energy Scam is a network marketing opportunity that you are looking for online.



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  • Alecia Stringer

    Thanks for this information.  This is one of the companies capturing one of the trends.  

  • Pat

    Thank you for the review. I am a consultant with Ambit Energy and I can assure you it is a great company. We believe in conducting  business with honesty & integrity. We have a great comp plan,amazing leaders, & on going training & support. Ambit is a great opportunity & can help you create financial freedom.


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