Adaptogenix Review For Your Success In Network Marketing

by Danny on November 23, 2011 · 1 comment

"Adaptogenix Review"Adaptogenix Review To Achieve Massive Success In A Business Opportunity!

You came across this Adaptogenix Review because you are considering in getting started in a business opportunity. This is absolutely a great network marketing company. Therefore you came to the right place for this Adaptogenix Review. You want to do your research prior on signing up with this business opportunity.

What I am going to go over is the company overview, products and the compensation plan. Before going with this review, I am not involved or associated with this multi-level marketing company.

Adaptogenix Review And The Company Products

There niche is in the health and wellness industry. Adaptogenix is a MLM Company that was recently launched on March 2011 of this year. However they were recently acquired from Youngevity as of this writing.    

The main products Adaptogenix promotes are dietary beverage supplements that is based from Adaptogen Science. It ends up identifies the self confidence of the plants that has the possibility to advance the body’s resistance to anxiety, trauma, stress and fatigue.

There first product is called Tazza Di Vita. It’s a mix of organic coffee and several adaptogens. As for the second product is called Renu IQ. It’s a consumable product that includes a mix of adaptogens, resveratrol and vitamins. According to the corporate website from this Adaptogenix Review their solution that comes from a very powerful anti-aging effects and various health advantages as well from their products in their niche.

Adaptogenix Compensation Plan

If you are making a decision to become a rep for Adaptogenix, you must enroll from someone that told you about the business opportunity who is already a distributor with Adaptogenix. This is an affordable investment to get started right away.

There is only a one time fee to become a member for only $55. In addition, you must get on their auto ship program to make a purchase of a minimum of $150 every single month in order to get paid from retail sales as a distributor with Adaptogenix

The 3×12 Matrix is the payment structure from this Adaptogenix compensation plan to get paid from the company. So each marketer needs to sponsor at least 3 distributors personally on your 1st level in the compensation plan. Marketers can also earn potential fast start bonuses when ever you recruit someone into the business opportunity.

As For This Adaptogenix Review, Is It Really A Legit Business Opportunity?

After cautiously doing my due diligence , Adaptogenix is absolutely a legitimate MLM business opportunity.  The network marketing industry get’s a lot of criticism, so after reading this Adaptogenix Review, it isn’t a scam what so ever.

You have the possibility to start building monthly residual income and be financially free from the corporate world. Therefore, there is unlimited potential to grow a thriving business. As for this Adaptogenix Review, this company has excellent leadership and management team with integrity that can help others to grow a successful multi-level marketing business.

The real secret to your success in network marketing has nothing to do with the company, products or the compensation plan. It is critical that you need to learn how to sell the business opportunity and their products is simply by branding yourself.

It can definitely help to sponsor reps fast and the potential to grow a big downline in your organization so you can be financial free from the corporate world.

I would highly recommend that you understand the fundamentals on Attraction Marketing and start sponsoring reps quickly like the top income producers are doing in Adaptogenix or any business opportunity today!



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  • Pat McKeon

    Wowo Danny, this company is less than a year old
    and it has already been sold…interesting…looks like
    the reps for this company would be doing themselves
    a favor to get into a attraction marketing system!!

    great review!!
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