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by Danny on December 16, 2011 · 2 comments

"Motives Cosmetics"Your probably one of those stay at home moms and your contemplating on starting a business with Motives Cosmetics in MLM. Nonetheless, You are cautiously doing your due diligence on this business opportunity if you can really start making money in network marketing.

What I’m going to cover from this Motives Cosmetics Business opportunity is the Company, Products and the Compensation plan. Also, I’ll provide the information on what it takes to succeed in a home based business.

Motives Cosmetics Company Overview

Motives Cosmetics is network marketing company that is founded by Loren Ridinger back in 1992. There headquarters is based in Greensboro, NC.  It is definitely one of those trusted names with Market America. There specific niche are targeting young females in the makeup, skin care, body and beauty products is a one stop shop for your favorite cosmetic products on the internet from Motives Cosmetics.   

Examples of products the company markets are a customizable cosmetic line, custom-formulated, complements for every skin tone, type and color. Perfect formulas and pigmentation for easy use and fool proof application and powder are micro-pulverized for a smooth flawless finish according to the Motives Cosmetics corporate website.

Obviously, I don’t want to give you the specific details on each product that they offer to their customers. You can certainly get more information on the Motives Cosmetics products on their corporate website. Unlike from department stores or shopping malls their unique products that are custom blend color-matching and absolutely you can get a perfect color to match your own style.

Motives Cosmetics Business Opportunity & Compensation Plan

As a rep with Motives Cosmetics you are given a replicated company website. Thus, You can start purchasing sales aids like for instance catalogs and business cards at a discounted rates to get their distributors to thrive in a home based business opportunity. There is also an option that is called “Motives & Me” for young female teenagers that are under 18 years old to start marketing the Motives Cosmetics business opportunity.

The binary compensation plan that is utilized from this Motives Cosmetics business opportunity when you are considering in enrolling as a marketer with this company. Just like other network marketing companies out there you can get paid basically from Retails Sales, Fast Start Bonuses, Team Group Bonuses and other bonuses that Motive Cosmetics provides for it’s representatives in the MLM industry.

Your One Way Ticket To Success with Motives Cosmetics

It seems like a legit business opportunity in Motives Cosmetics that you can start making additional income streams in a network marketing business. You can really start making money in the cosmetic and skin care product line that most people claim that it is a “Pyramid Scheme” or a scam.

If it were, The company wouldn’t of existed today. They definitely have a fantastic leadership and management team in place and a great marketing training to get off the ground floor to succeed in a home based business for stay at home moms in this specific niche.

In fact, If you really want to succeed as a marketer with Motives Cosmetics isn’t about the company, products or the compensation plan. It is critical for you to start learning to sell and sponsoring reps into your organization without doing the lame hotel parties or pitching your business opportunity to your family or female friends.

What I strongly recommend is learning and implementing an Attraction Marketing System. This will certainly help you to start building credibility and exposure in the MLM industry. You just simply become a leader and bringing value to your prospects. Furthermore, Your prospects will want to get to know more about you or the possibility to join you in Motives Cosmetics or any business endeavors you might be involved.

Implementing an lead generation system like for instance MyLeadSystemPro to start making a simple process that will be providing amazing marketing tools, education and a fantastic community with like minded individuals in the multi-level marketing industry. This is what I personally apply on MLSP to grow my primary network marketing business and I strongly suggest that you do the same as marketers with Motives Cosmetics effective immediately!


PS: It is vital to start utilizing this Attraction Marketing System just perfecting these online marketing skills as a marketer that will guarantee to be in the 3% to thrive with Motives Cosmetics today! Click here to get started right now!

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