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Video BloggingVideo blogging is definitely a great way to get your audience attention when you are branding yourself online.

This helps to build up your credibility in your niche. It’s because video is more powerful than text when you are communicating to people that are watching your vlogs.

If you are doing video blogging properly, they will feel they know you as a friend. This helps for them to like and trust you through video when engaging with your audience. Therefore, they are willing to buy your products, services or join your business opportunity on the spot.

3 Ways To Get Good From Video Blogging

1.Cutting Videos: You must start getting people to notice your video’s to get the right message to your audience. It doesn’t matter what type of camera you are using to start shooting videos. You can start using your IPhone or Android smartphone to get front of the camera.

Therefore, you only got 5 seconds to get your audience determined to watch the whole video or else they will move on to a different video. Your viewers have a small attention span if you are doing video blogging done right and are willing to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

Your viewers might be watching your videos on Facebook or doing a Google research when they came across one of your video blogs online. It’s vital to get them to stop whatever they are doing in order to get their full attention from your message through video blogging.

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2.Offer Value: It’s very important to start offering value through video blogging to your audience. Therefore, you must do video blogging properly. This is why the first 5 seconds of your message is vital. After you are getting their full attention, you have to give them the specific details on exactly what subject you are talking about when you are doing video’s through YouTube.

For instance, you can say something like “If  you take a minute of your time watching this video, you are going to learn 3 video blogging tricks and tips that hasn’t been shared yet that will take your blogs for being not noticed to start going viral!”  

Obviously, you want to get people to come back and start watching more of your videos. This is a very important step on video blogging that must be done right. You want to keep your promise but at the end of your videos, you want to make sure to start offering value on what exactly you are going to share to your viewers. Video Blogging

3.Visualizing: When people to start watching video’s rather than reading text from a blog post, they will start seeing images that is going through an individual’s mind by simply visualizing on what your message came across through video blogging. 

You can start building your visualization by telling stories, cartoon images and information. Your audience are watching it through video blogging.

This helps to put the picture in their mind when delivering a great visualization when offering value and tips to your target market. 

Stay Focused On Video Blogging

You have to keep practicing and stay consistent when cutting videos. You don’t want to be afraid to get in front of the camera if you really want to get the results you always wanted. Therefore, video blogging is a very powerful strategy to grow your business online today.

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