3 Online Tips Shouldn’t Be Ignored On Twitter Etiquette

by Danny on July 28, 2011 · 4 comments

"Twitter Etiquette"Twitter etiquette to gain thousands of followers online

Here is my 3 essential take aways on twitter etiquette to generate any type of business as a internet marketer or in network marketing if you want to see your income grow, getting more customers and endless amount of new twitter followers using social media.

You must learn twitter etiquette properly if you want your potential to start building a massive down line in your organization in network marketing. Just following these simple rules, you definitely will stand out of the crowd to achieve success in MLM using the internet.   

3 Essential Rules On Twitter Etiquette

Etiquette #1  You are sending unsolicited tweets and spamming your network marketing business opportunity on twitter. This is absolutely a No No and it isn’t very effective either. You’re twitter account can possible be banned and can lose all your twitter followers because you don’t have proper twitter etiquette.

Nonetheless, your twitter followers might start un-following you because your pitching your business opportunity to them.  I highly recommend on this twitter etiquette tip just by starting to build a relationship and connection with your prospects first before asking about your primary MLM business opportunity is the way to go for using twitter.

By following this tip on twitter etiquette is just by providing value that you can offer to your followers for free. Nonetheless, you can also provide your twitter followers by giving away free stuff like a live webinar training, an e-book or the latest products or technology in the 21st century that benefit’s your followers that is currently happening in the market place.

Etiquette #2 Getting your thousands of twitters followers going through your marketing sales funnel or squeeze page (aka lead capture page) isn’t effective on just spamming your network marketing opportunity because your followers may think you are not bringing value to them.  From my past experience, too many people that are using twitter are doing this mistake and only a handful of marketers on using proper twitter etiquette to generate more followers on social media.

Nonetheless, it is critical to stand of the crowd if you want to keep your followers and gain more twitter followers to generate a marketing list. It is essential not to do a sales pitch to your prospects or follower when they checkout your replicated MLM website. It is vital to start building a relationship and trust with a potential prospect first that may have the results in repeat business and referrals.

Also, I highly recommend that add you’re twitter followers to your Facebook or LinkedIn account so that they can get to know you better and bringing the value that you will offer to them. However, utilizing twitter etiquette that can absolutely put more money in your pocket as long you follow these simple tips for implementing social media on twitter etiquette online marketing strategies.

Etiquette #3

You’re not giving away any type of survey, questionnaire or poll to your twitter followers is another tip on twitter etiquette

If you don’t utilize this method you can potentially lose many of your followers and you are losing out to start creating rapport and trust with your prospect. Therefore, you are not achieving success in your primary MLM because of lack of sales or getting distributors to sign up in your network marketing opportunity because you aren’t running any type of surveys or polls to your twitter followers that you can definitely take advantage to grow a flourishing network marketing business online using social media just by learning twitter etiquette today.

You definitely don’t want to lose your twitter followers whom you want to gain valuable feedback from your customers or followers about your business opportunity, product or services. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that you run surveys, questionnaires and polls for your twitter followers as one of your marketing strategies if you want to see an increase in sales and your prospects joining your network marketing opportunity just by utilizing these 3 tips on twitter etiquette.



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  • http://twitter.com/BrendaTsiaousis Brenda Tsiaousis

    I Love facebook, Danny – thanks for sharing these awesome insights. ( especially – ettiquette)

  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Excellent tips.  Another thing you can do is have twitter meetings… Schedule webinar’s or times when you’ll be live chatting with tweeps… Always helps the value.  

  • Anonymous

    I advocate finding clients through twitter, but not spamming for them. It is one of my netiquette rules. Thank you for sharing yours.

  • http://www.philippinesoutsourcingcorp.com Phil @ Philippines Outsourcing

    I am new on twitter as well. A lot of things to learn. Number 3 is a good idea. Thanks for that.
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