March 2014

How To Publish Your Own BookHow to publish your own book as an expert in your niche on the internet. Obviously, you want to profit from book sales and start promoting other products or services online when you are building up your credibility as an expert in your field as the author.

How To Publish Your Own Book Effectively

I’m going to show you different ways on how to publish your own book. Self-Publishing your own book you must learn to start making money from it either offline or online today!

1.What are you going to write about?

You just need to write something that you have knowledge about. For instance a real estate investor, financial planner, karate teacher, professional cook, personal trainer, network marketing expert and etc. Therefore, you can start writing to your target audience from any type of subject.  

Just make sure you have an attention grabber title and a picture of the book to attract your readers on how to publish your own book successfully.

2.Type of format 

You can choose either from a paperback (physical book) or an eBook (digital format) on how to publish your own book when making a sale to your readers. In addition, you can get your book published in audio format as well to make you even more money from your published book.

3.Design And formatting on how to publish your own book

You can always hire a professional Graphic Designer to create your front and back cover of your book to look professional looking if you seriously want to publish your physical book rather than from digital format.

For nonphysical books (digital format), you must get a digital cover for the eBook. Therefore, you want to start promoting your book on your website or blog and other relevant sites such as Amazon, Blurb and Lulu.

You can make the decision to edit and format your book on your own or you can get it done at such places from ODesk, Elance or other professional writers that can be affordable you can find on the internet.

4.How to publish your own book to start making a profit   How To Publish Your Own Book

You must have your ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Therefore, you must have an identification number of your book in order to start selling your physical book on Amazon.

Start promoting your book everywhere online that is up for sale on your website or blog, Amazon, Lulu, Click Bank and etc.

5. 3 ways to start promoting your book

1.You can blast an email to your list or telling your friends and family about your latest book you wrote and give them a call to action where they can buy your new book.

2. Use social media like on Facebook to start marketing your book or by “Tweeting” about your latest published book that just launched to your target market. In addition, you start creating your own FB page about your book to get people to like your page so they can get more information about it.

3. It’s important to put excerpts on your book to start marketing it on your blog/website or on your fb fan page. Also, you can start putting it on article databases and in book forums and communities online in such places like in Wattpad, Kindle Boards and Good Reads with a link you can provide for your readers to buy the full version of the book.

I hope you got some value on how to publish your own book today!


How To Publish Your Own Book

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How To Publish Your Own Book






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