April 2013

"Success Is The Best Revenge"Success is the best revenge when you finally start overcoming your obstacles that can be a great challenge in your life. If you are drowning in debt financially, you must figure out to get out of it. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Success is the best revenge when you simple start proving to yourself in this world on what it takes to very successful in life.

Success Is The Best Revenge 

We all tend to make stupid mistakes in life. You just need to deal with it when you have limited beliefs. Therefore, the fear that is holding you back from our lives if you truly want to succeed. Often times there are financial difficulties that may impact other people. Their struggles usually comes from your friends or family members. Therefore, your low self-confidence can put you down in life.

You can never start blaming other people about your problems. It’s all your fault and you must solve your problems to start overcoming your obstacles by taking massive action on it. We all run into things that are bad or negative at times that can be risky. Obviously, you got to start taking risks if you really want success is the best revenge.

Taking Risks For Success Is The Best Revenge

The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward! People that are very successful financially have a great life tend to take risks if you seriously want success is the best revenge. You must start working hard and producing is the risk that you must take in order to be very successful. In the beginning, things will not go your way when you are first starting out.

How well can you get success is the best revenge in your life in order to start growing to become a better you? How the heck can you start moving forward in your life?

Here are some of the tips and strategies for getting success is the best revenge to get off a great start!

First of all, you must take your own responsibility on what is going to happen to you. This definitely helps to get success is the best revenge when you start focusing on yourself.

You have to start thinking about on why you failed in the first place.  Therefore, you want to be certain that you won’t make the same mistakes moving forward.

You want to get the help of others at a time of loss. Ordinary people often times will appear out of nowhere and offer to help. Accept this help. This is absolutely the best way to get out of this situation is getting the help from others. I highly recommend you do not look at this as charity. These people have come to help because they care about you. They feel and understand your grief.   

"Success Is The Best Revenge"

Work with a coach or a mentor. They will help bring clarity. It’s possible they have gone through certain things on what you are going through right now. They will help you see there is a life after a defeat in business or you recently  got laid off from your corporate America job.

Have a long meaningful conversation with your spouse or partner. Make sure you are listening carefully. It’s not always about you. They certainly are feeling your pain. They have a stake in your future success financially.

We all got on what it takes to thrive. There will always be adversity you will face in life. Therefore, you have the potential to deal with them to figure it out for your keys to success. You just need to stay focused and consistent. Never give up your hope and dreams. 

Your success is the best revenge to be financially free!


Success Is The Best Revenge

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Success Is The Best Revenge






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"Article Marketing Robot Review"

Article Marketing Robot review online for brand new users!

You stumbled across this Article Marketing Robot review on the internet. If you want your articles or blog posts to get first page ranking on the search engines like on Google for instance. Therefore, Article Marketing Robot is definitely for you.

Article Marketing Robot Review

As a internet marketer, you are probably skeptical if this software actually works. So you want to do your due diligence from this Article Marketing Robot review. You absolutely came to the best Article Marketing Robot review on this article marketing software!

AMR is cheap and affordable for only a 1 time investment of $97. I first heard about this software and Article Marketing Robot review from Rob Fore last year after watching a live MLSP webinar. I bought it on the spot! Therefore, I have been a user with Article Marketing Robot since February 2011 after reading past Article Marketing Reviews online.

When I first started using AMR to test it out if it is for real to start seeing results and generate more traffic to your website or blog. After just a week, my site starts getting results. Therefore, there was a lot of my “Money Keywords” getting ranked on the first page on Google! 

This is probably the best investment that you can buy from this Article Marketing Robot review by far after using other software’s and tools I used in the past that isn’t successful as AMR. Nonetheless, I decided to write this honest Article Marketing review that I’ll fill you in. Just using this software alone helped out to get more visitors to my blog. 

I was generating between 10-15 leads per day and getting around 400-500 visitors per month to my site! Prior to using Article Marketing Robot I was generating less than 5 leads per day and getting less than 100 visitors to my blog!

If you are serious to start growing your business utilizing the internet right now, it’s essential to start using tools like Article Marketing Robot if you want any chance to get your articles, blog posts or YouTube videos to generate traffic and get your articles found in the search engines. 

"Article Marketing Robot Review"Keyword Research From This Article Marketing Robot Review

If you start writing tons of content on the internet and NOT using any tools, you won’t get your articles found! Therefore, it is critical to do your keyword research for targeting your specific keywords in your niche.

If your site is NEW, then you should go for less competing keywords that are usually long tail keywords.

You should go after keywords at a minimum of 300 monthly global searches using the Google keyword research tool. This will definitely help to get your articles get top position rankings and using Article Marketing Robot software as well!

After doing your keyword research, it is essential to spread your articles or blog posts all over the place online that is directly pointing to your article, website or YouTube video. You must start diversifying your anchor text with Article Marketing Robot if you want to get your keyword ranked on Google.

Ever since the Google Penguin update, anchor text diversity is a must in order to get your content ranked in the search engines today! Prior to the update, you didn’t have to do anchor text diversity at that time!

What Does This Article Marketing Robot Review Do For You?

AMR is simply submitting your articles to thousands of different article directories. The more article directories that you can find the better. Nonetheless, I strongly recommend to go to Fiverr.com to buy thousands of approved articles for only 5 bucks!

This helps to get your articles get ranked from theses popular sites. In addition from this Article Marketing Robot review allows you to add as many profile accounts as you want.   "Article Marketing Robot Review"

Another feature that is added from this Article Marketing review is that you can submit spun articles into AMR. However, I don’t use that feature! But I use Best Spinner instead to spit out unique content.

This helps to increase your chances for success for articles, blog posts and videos from Googles eyes from the search engines that looks at unique content!

If Google starts seeing the same content, it will start deindexing all the links because it looks unnatural! Google wants everything to look natural and unique. They prefer White Hat rather than Black Hat SEO. This is the reason why I love Article Marketing Robot.

Nonetheless, you can set up AMR and submit your articles on autopilot instead at once!  You can start ranking your content in a matter of days or weeks and see your articles get ranked on the search engines after reading this Article Marketing Robot review today!

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"Article Marketing Robot Review"




"SEO Content Writing"It really does make a big difference whether if you are a article writer or a small biz owner, it is critical that you understand correctly on SEO content writing. 2 things that you must know to get your content ranked on the search engines like on Google:

One is doing the proper keyword research and the other is building high quality backlinks from your high quality SEO content writing. Nonetheless, I’m going to offer these tips and tricks from this blog post!  

SEO Content Writing Tips And Tricks   

First of all, What you really need to know about Search Engine Optimization from your unique SEO content writing on the internet. You just need to start learning and implementing theses marketing strategies for your own website. It happens to keep your blog or website new and fresh all the time.   

Therefore, the search engine spiders that absolutely loves to start crawling your site that are frequently updated. It would obviously be helpful to get better SEO ranking on your site. You then can start generating traffic and leads for your business just leveraging the internet!  

You must be knowledgeable from theses SEO content writing basics. Prior for you to start writing your content, you must search for theses “money keywords” that prospects are targeting your site in your niche. Therefore, you should look for keywords that are in less competition. 

I highly recommend on using the Google Keyword Research tool and make sure the exact match search is checked and the broad & phrase match are unchecked. You want to go for keywords that are less 30,000 results or less. You realistically want to aim for keywords to give you any chances to rank in the search engines that you can dominate for that specific keyword when doing your SEO content writing! 

Money Keywords From Your SEO Content Writing  

After you are going for your specific keyword, you simple put the keyword in your headline from your WordPress blog or site. If your SEO content writing is approximately 500-700 words, you should put your keyword in the first paragraph, one in the middle and the last paragraph on your content as well. You want to be certain that you aren’t spreading your keywords all over the place or else your content will get the Google Penguin update penalty. "SEO Content Writing"

You shouldn’t really care too much about keyword density when doing your SEO content writing. Nonetheless, the higher your keyword density, the less readable your content is for your readers. You want your unique articles to look natural and readable to Google.

You definitely want your content to be high quality written articles that aren’t spammy that the search engines are looking for to get your content ranked!

There are absolutely other places that you can put your specific keyword on your blog or website that is relevant to your keywords. One is putting relevant keywords from your meta descriptions or tags for your specific keywords related to your content. Also, you can put in your keyword from your alt text from your image on your blog post or article!  

These are just a handful of SEO content writing tips that I highly recommend to get your content found in the search engines if done properly. It isn’t too difficult or overwhelming when doing search engine optimization. You simply need to follow the basics, continue practicing SEO content writing and writing fully optimized unique content that will come natural to you with time.


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"The Opportunity Network"OPN Review, Aka The Opportunity Network. It’s formerly known as Unaico, a multi-level marketing company. Obviously like other MLM companies, OPN offers unique products and services to consumers as well as a compensation package when you are involved with The Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network biz opportunity offers a FREE social networking platform with additional associated services and other product lines as well. OPN is quit different from other social networking sites that you might of heard about on the internet. You can get rewarded as affiliates for personal referrals with this unique network marketing biz opportunity!

OPN, The Opportunity Network & Site Talk

Prior for you to become an affiliate with The Opportunity Network, it is strongly recommended that you sign up with SiteTalk. It’s another free social media platform just like OPN. However, I’m not involved with this company in any way when writing this MLM blog post.  

There are advantages for being a member with SiteTalk when enrolling in with The Opportunity Network. If you are currently a member with Sitetalk in good standing then you absolutely can join OPN absolutely for FREE! 

For being part as a affiliate with the OPN biz opportunity, you will certainly can position yourself in the business opportunity downline. Thus, reserving your SPOT is forever to start making additional income streams when activated by a current member with OPN.

Once you are active as an affiliate. a member with The Opportunity Network can start taking the advantages of the OPN’s compensation plan. If you are members with both social media platforms you can get access to other products and services within the company!

OPN, The Opportunity Network And The Compensation Plan

Just like other network marketing companies The OPN Opportunity Network is utilizing the binary compensation plan to it’s members. Therefore, they are 3 different ways to get paid as a member with OPN. Obviously, the best way to be more profitable with OPN is just sponsoring reps as affiliates with The OPN Network. The other 2 ways to get compensated is simply recruiting a certain amount of affiliates with OPN as a bonus as your team grows with this great biz opportunity.

Anyone can join this biz opportunity after going through this OPN, The Opportunity Network review after doing your own due diligence. It really doesn’t matter what your background, race or education level as long as you are 18 years old to start making money with OPN.   "The Opportunity Network"

Your success in MLM is your ability to start sponsoring new affiliates into their organization. It really can be very profitable in this industry. You got to learn to start building a downline or organization that can be duplicatable based on your efforts and your teams efforts that can be well rewarded for your financial future for yourself and your family! Thus, multi-level marketing has the ability to start growing very fast if done the proper way!

Learning How To Market OPN The Opportunity Network

In the real world, it is essential on how to learn to market the OPN The Opportunity Network. If you are a newbie in network marketing, you got to learn how to sell and not pitching your latest biz opportunity. It really doesn’t matter which multi-level marketing company you are involved, the compensation plan or the products at the moment. Remember this is real people in business in network marketing.

They like to do business they like, trust and respect when building new relationships with people! Nonetheless, it is critical to start learning attraction marketing to start talking to more people about your OPN The Opportunity Network or else you will absolutely fail in this industry!

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The Opportunity Network






Danny Yoon

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