February 2013

"Marketing Skills"You absolutely can start implementing the old school marketing strategies from your sponsor in MLM, you need to start learning and applying from your marketing skills as a  internet marketer!

Internet Marketing Skills

From the old school marketing techniques in MLM, you must start mastering theses vital marketing skills offline like prospecting, handling objections, presentation skills, listening skills, learning leadership skills and time management.

Many of theses network marketing companies offer great training to their reps so you can start learning theses skills from your upline!

It is no different when applying theses marketing skills on the internet. It is very important to start learning from these marketing skills mentioned above. If you seriously want to start implementing theses marketing skills, you will be part of the 3%ers to build a thriving business in MLM or in internet marketing. Nevertheless, you definitely can start growing a large organization or downline in your team in network marketing.

You got have those presentations skills when you are presenting your biz opportunity through webinars or from Google Hangouts. You got to start listening carefully when it really comes down for your prospects to join in your primary MLM biz opportunity. This helps on your ability to handle their objections that will automatic do the selling for you!

You absolutely want to learn and apply theses marketing skills if want to learn on how to generate leads online. Nevertheless, if you want to start generating leads, you got to have the marketing skills on how to create your own lead capture page and have your own self-hosted blog on WordPress!

In addition, you got to learn how to set up your own follow-up emails with a autoresponder. This is a automated process so they deliver theses emails to your prospects. These are the basic tools you must learn that can be easily setup and running to grow your business!  "Marketing Skills"

Marketing Skills You Must Learn Online

The two critical marketing skills you must learn and master is creating original content and start promoting your content on the internet. You obviously want to start writing content on the topic of your choice.

If you hate writing, you may want to create a video instead! You start outsourcing your content to ghost writers. You can find writers either at Odesk or on Fiverr

You also must master the skill in copywriting as well. If you do master copywriting, you can start earning more money and have prospects chasing after you and may join your primary MLM biz opportunity!

To start promoting your blog posts or articles, you must learn at least one marketing skill from one of those effective internet marketing strategies. There are a few effective internet marketing techniques such as article writing, blogging daily, video marketing, social networking and bookmarking, etc. Your prospects will eventually find your content when it goes viral online when your promoting your content!

Second marketing skill you must learn is search engine optimization (SEO), if you really want your content to be found on the first page on Google. You must do your proper keyword research and implementing the on-page and off-page SEO correctly. Most people are doing it wrong!  Nevertheless, there is less competition for you. You will increase your chances to get your content ranked high in the search engines for sure!

Can you really learn theses skills from your sponsor? Most likely NOT ! They are still utilizing the old school MLM marketing strategies when trying to grow a business in network marketing. Many of them aren’t taking advantage of the internet marketing techniques to grow their primary MLM biz opp. Wouldn’t it be great to start learning theses internet marketing skills right now?    "Marketing Skills"

You must learn and master these internet marketing skills that have the experience in MLM internet marketing for those that are succeeding to build a MLM empire using the internet. Nevertheless, there is a lot of training resources online that are teaching people theses internet network marketing skills!

If you really want to thrive for in MLM to build a business online, it is very important to learn these skills from people who can teach you these marketing skills. Your upline most likely doesn’t have any skills from theses internet marketing strategies. Therefore, your sponsor doesn’t teach these methods to their team in MLM.

There is nothing wrong with the old school marketing techniques. If you start applying theses marketing skills and internet marketing strategies will definitely increase your chances for success in network marketing!


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"GVO Review"This is a legit GVO review on the internet. What GVO stands for is Global Virtual Opportunities with this network marketing biz opportunity with like minded people in internet marketing. 3 years ago in 2009, Joel Therien is the creator of the madness. He is one of the well known professionals in our niche in MLM.

Honest GVO Review Online

Therefore, from this GVO review, this company is basically offering you a complete web hosting package at a affordable price. In addition, you get unlimited web hosting, built in auto-responders up to 20,000 subscribers, lead capture pages templates and unlimited domain names as well. Global Virtual Opportunities is a one stop shop for your needs to build your business as a internet marketer at one place.

You can start with a 14 day trial with GVO for only $1 dollar, a one time enrollment fee which goes over the first month trial. If you are satisfied, you will be charged for $44 per month or another option is to go with the auto-responder package up to 500 subscribers for only $9.95 per month! You can cancel it anytime. The total value for this total package is well worth more than $130/month. 

So, From This GVO Review Really Means To You?

Nonetheless, you are definitely getting your money’s worth rather than going with their competitors with Aweber or GetReponse. In my honest opinion from this GVO review, you are absolutely getting more value from the Global Virtual Opportunities than from their competitors for sure.

That being said from this GVO review and products perspective, It is a no brainer to go with GVO to start building your primary MLM biz opportunity or building your brand on the internet.

GVO Review Business Opportunity

The company is also a business opportunity that you can build to start making additional income streams. Nonetheless, Global Virtual Opportunities is different from other affiliate services that are offered by web hosting companies. Aweber for instance. If you are an affiliate with Aweber and start marketing it to make money. Therefore, if someone clicks on your affiliate link, you get a commission if someone purchases a product from Aweber.

From this GVO review, anyone that you refer with your affiliate link with Global Virtual Opportunities; you’ll be placed on a traditional binary MLM downline. How cool is that? Not only you are getting monthly commissions that you are referring anyone into GVO of the people who are referring to the company. 

However, you will get commissions off anyone who they referred and who they referred. Obviously, you are getting access to all the tools as an affiliate from this GVO Review. Your downline as affiliates will have everything that they need to start duplicating with this awesome biz opportunity with Global Virtual Opportunities today!

In my honest opinion from this GVO review, I strongly recommend to go with this GVO biz opportunity so you can start building your list and grow your primary MLM biz opportunity to become a top income producer. Nonetheless, it isn’t too difficult to start building a large downline with this organization after reading the best GVO review on the internet.

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"Social Media Strategies"You must start leveraging theses social media strategies online. It definitely helps to generate leads and grow your business using the internet.

You certainly want to start learning theses social media strategies so you start getting consistent amount of income and get more sales for your business. Marketers are always looking for different types of strategies to grow their business!

Effective Social Media Strategies

Whenever you are searching for very effective social media strategies that is currently working now.  You want to start making a profit online. Nevertheless, prospects are like billboards or classified ads when you are trying to solve a solution to your customers. 

This is a very expensive way of advertising. You just need to learn and implement theses social media strategies is either for free or it really can be inexpensive from this type of advertising when you are targeting your audience. In fact, most businesses aren’t taking advantage of theses social media strategies. Therefore, they are just leaving money on the table!   

Technology To Learn From Theses Social Media Strategies

The internet in the 21st century is bringing new trends and why you should start getting involved with this trend on social media. In today’s economic businesses are more open to look into theses social media strategies to cut down costs on advertising from the offline methods.

You can stop paying for very expensive advertising right now. Therefore, you can overcome your mistakes when advertising your business. It is important that you start learning and implementing theses social media strategies to explode your business with access to a computer and the internet.

Other Social Media Strategies

Having your own website or blog is a brilliant idea. This is one of the very effective social media strategies so you can gain more customers and followers to your site. For example, if a prospect is searching for something on Google. The customer comes across your site and clicks on one of the links from your blog that can be directed to another page. If they buy anything from that site, you will be credited for the sale.  "Social Media Strategies"

Other than the search engines, customers can find your site from the social media strategies, marketing tools, RSS feeds, video marketing and various other social media strategies will definitely help to explode your business taking advantage of the internet. This absolutely makes sense to start implementing theses marketing techniques online! 

Your past satisfying customers can start sharing their own experience and write positive comments or reviews on a product or service they bought from your site online. This absolutely helps others to gain your trust after hearing from other customers. Nevertheless, they will eventually buy from you! 

Social Media Sites

The most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest! If you start taking advantage to start implementing theses social media strategies to grow your business. Therefore, you can start leveraging theses sites online and gain more credibility and exposure as a business owner. 

In addition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very effective method as well. If done properly, your site or content will absolutely climb on the first page on Google and Bing to gain your online presence today! I really hope theses social media strategies are helpful to explode your business using the internet right now!

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Social Media Strategies






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"Inspired Living Application"This is clearly the best Inspired Living Application Review online! This great innovation from this mobile application as we speak that people are jumping on board with us with ILA today!

Inspired Living Application Review Intro

The president of ILA is John Rodgers. He has extensive experience in the MLM industry and has well over twenty years of experience in marketing and in sales.

Inspired Living Application (ILA) was founded after various trials and errors in this industry. His goal is to form a company to absolutely help other people to overcome their struggles in MLM

The VP of ILA is John Marr. He is the creator of the app and is well known for designing over 50 apps. Marr also has many years of experience in creating high quality video production and having long lasting relationships with one of the top brands such as Apple and Warner Brothers.

Designer Of The Inspired Living Application

Savage Apps are the ones that are designing this Inspired Living Application. Therefore, they are the ones are featured by Apple App Store nationwide. ILA offers the best quality, professional looking personal development videos to your IPhone, IPad and soon to be on Android from your smart phone every single week!

Mindset is critical if you want to achieve success in MLM. So this Inspired Living Application are offering people motivational videos, goal setting, leadership training, business development & ideas, time management and various others. Nevertheless, there is unlimited amount of content on personal development for this app that can be delivered directly to your smart phone.

Inspired Living Application Review Business Opportunity

Any ordinary person has the opportunity to start profiting from this Inspired Living Application. The mobile app industry is currently exploding. Therefore, you should take advantage of it right now utilizing the network marketing biz model.

You can start getting people to start watching their 8-10 minute videos to get them motivated and inspired. They will get really excited about it because you can start making money with Inspired Living Application. This ILA app will definitely help you to start building your primary MLM biz opportunity. 

Click The Link Below To Sign Up With ILA

Inspired Living Application

The Inspired Living Application Compensation Plan  

The Inspired Living Application compensation plan utilizes a matrix compensation structure to pay out monthly commissions to its affiliates. This is the main reason why thousands of people are joining daily.

It’s already gone viral from the social networking sites. It’s all over Facebook! ILA hasn’t even launched yet and is only in the pre-launch stage since Feb 1 2013.

A 3×7 matrix is used to pay out monthly residual commissions to its affiliates with Inspired Living Application. Definition of a 3×7 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix with three legs directly under them (level 1).

In turn, these three legs branch out into three legs (level 2) and so on and so forth down seven levels. Each of these legs is a member position which can be filled either via direct recruitment or the recruiting efforts of an affiliate’s up and downlines.”   "Inspired Living Application"

You first got to start understanding the matrix compensation plan as an affiliate after going through this Inspired Living Application Review. They start paying their member’s monthly commission that is based on how many positions that are filled as an affiliate in their matrix.

How much of a commission depends on what level these filled positions fall on:

  • Level 1 – $1 (3 positions = $3)
  • Level 2 – 80c (9 positions = $7.20)
  • Levels 3 and 4 – 10c (108 positions = $10.80)
  • Level 5 – 5c (243 positions = $12.15)
  • Level 6 – 10c (729 positions = $72.90)
  • Level 7 – $1.10 (2187 positions = $2405.70)

Matching Bonus 

 If an Inspired Living Application affiliate recruits a specific number of new affiliates, the company pays out the recruiting affiliate a matching bonus on their recruited affiliates’ matrix earnings.

This matching bonus is paid out as a percentage and is offered in three tiers:

  • recruit 3 affiliates = 10% matching bonus
  • recruit 6 affiliates = 20% matching bonus
  • recruit 10 affiliates = 40% matching bonus
It is very affordable to get started after going through this Inspired Living Application Review. This app delivers great content on your smart phone or IPad to get access to personal development on a weekly basis. Therefore, you can start making money as an affiliate start at $9.95 per month. If you just want to become a retail customer, it only costs $6.95 per month. However, you won’t get paid commission with ILA but only get access to the Inspired Living Application. It’s the same way as the free option as well!
"Inspired Living Application"
Inspired Living Application is a no brainer! It offers personal development, business and leadership training from this mobile app! This is a great innovation in the 21st century. Nevertheless, anybody can benefit from this inexpensive biz opportunity whether you want to start marketing it or start making monthly residual income right now!
Inspired Living Application Review Conclusion
This Inspired Living Application may or may not be a fit for you. It is basically up to you if you want to be a customer or you are open to become an affiliate with ILA to start making residual monthly income.
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Inspired Living Application






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Free Marketing Strategy Using YouTube

February 4, 2013

If you stick long enough in internet marketing, you can start utilizing this free marketing strategy to cut down cost for your online or MLM business. You absolutely can start generating leads from this one free marketing technique just like you would from paid advertising like PPC or Solo Ads. Nevertheless, if you start taking […]

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