November 2012

"Pinterest Tips"There is all the craziness and the social media space that you can learn from theses Pinterest Tips online. It’s a spanking brand new social media site.

Nonetheless, Pinterest that allows users to start creating unique digitalized pin boards of pictures or items to start sharing with other users.

For instance, a user sees a photo of a nutritional drink that he likes from a health and wellness website. He doesn’t want to forget what type of drink it was or wants to get his friends to get feedback on the taste or the quality of the drink. Nonetheless, the user can “PIN” it into one of his boards on the website! 

Pinterest Tips Online 

As a entrepreneur, you have the potential to start marketing your products or services learning theses Pinterest Tips to your target market. It’s just like other sites like on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or any relevant social media site on the internet. 

 If you pin one picture, text or blog post on site, you absolutely can gain more credibility from theses Pinterest tips. You can get more exposure as other users to start “Repinning” the original pins when they see it on their friends board that will go viral.

Anybody that clicks on one of your photos, it will automatically be redirected to either to your site or your blog post. This happens when your target audience can learn more from theses Pinterest tips, learn more about you, your products or services and the possibility to buy from you or join your latest business endeavors!

You got to learn from theses Pinterest tips and strategies online to grow your business. It’s definitely a great way to start communicating with each other. Nonetheless, it absolutely helps to create new relationships and trust with your customers. Learning theses Pinterest tips can help to start branding yourself and start implementing theses Pinterest tips on various techniques on utilizing social media marketing.

You can take advantage of this site to start marketing your business, products or services utilizing theses Pinterest tips!  "Pinterest Tips"

1.Set up your own account that can be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. You can only sign up for Pinterest by invitation!

Therefore, you just need to ask around that is already involved with Pinterest. It can be either from your friends, family or co-workers can send you an invite. You can setup your own account in less than 5 minutes! 

Once you are finished, you can begin creating your pin boards that is relevant to your niche. For example, “SEO Consulting” Board, You simple setup “Keyword Search” Board, “Backlinking” Board, “How To Optimized Blog Posts” Board, etc! 

2.Start pinning great photos of your business, products or services!  Pinterest is amazing social media space that each individual’s picture is delivered by a eye catching photo! Try to be more unique and creative with your photos. You don’t want to have your photos look plain boring! 

Therefore, you want to increase the chances to get your picture to get clicked that redirects to another site online from theses Pinterest tips.  It’s critical to get your users attention on the site. You really shouldn’t have bad or poorly looking edited photos on Pinterest that may turnoff other users. 

3. Talk about your products or services. Whenever you pin something, therefore you can leave a brief description of the pin that shows below the photo. This gives you the opportunity to explain your products or services to your target market. Using this site and learning theses Pinterest tips is very useful when providing information to potential customers to draw them to your website.    "Pinterest Tips"

4. Getting your customers to encourage to create pins for your website. This is the first step to start loading your high quality, attention grabbing photos that can be pinned on Pinterest.

In addition, you can recommend customers to create their own unique pins by photographing themselves using your products or services or the possibility to visit your site.

5. Think outside of the box from theses Pinterest tips as you learn and implement this strategy! Other than pictures, you can start pinning videos on boards as well.

Therefore, your website or blog can absolutely have great relevant information through videos that is related to your niche. You can start pinning these videos on the site and recommend your customers to start doing the same thing. This gets your customers that are already users and utilizing theses Pinterest tips to start following you to increase more exposure for your business.


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"Self Starter"Anyone who is a leader to start offering directions only one time is considered a self starter! They are not told what to do on what it takes to take action to run a successful network marketing business.

They will do what it takes to get the job finished on their productive daily tasks before doing anything else. 

Self Starter Are Taking Action

A self start will be networking and communicating with their prospects either offline or online. They are willing to start generating leads to get them to do a 3 way call with their sponsor without any hesitation. 

A self starter will always dream big and stay focused until they get the results they are looking for in MLM. You can easily quit in this industry that most people do! There are times it can be difficult trying to build a successful business, but never give up when your back is against the wall. A self starter will always stay in the game to WIN! The 3%ers will keep moving forward for having their vision on what type of income they want to make in network marketing.  

You simply need to start believing in yourself! You just need to have the right mindset and having the passion for the company’s products and services. People like to work with people that have confidence in themselves as a self starter than those that are lazy and negative!

Prospects Attracting A Self Starter

Those are the type of prospects that you want to attract that they will start chasing you and join your latest primary MLM biz opportunity. Are you a self starter? If YES, you will achieve success for sure in network marketing to be part of the 3%ers in MLM!

You have the potential to start leading other people as a self starter and become a great leader in network marketing. Therefore, you must make a decision that you want to learn the skills to become a leader to start influencing and attracting people in our niche! This definitely helps as a self starter to build momentum and build large teams in network marketing today!

Strong Work Ethic

In reality, some people aren’t that bright or well educated at a 4 year college. However, they tend to find their way to success in multi-level marketing. A self starter is willing to work very hard and stay self disciplined on what it takes to be a top income earner from their primary MLM biz opportunity. 

They are willing to sacrifice their time to start focusing & start duplicating a system and do a lot of marketing that is either offline or online. Nonetheless, a self starter is willing to do more that the average MLMer won’t do!

Having Your WHY That You Are Going To Cry!

It is critical to have a WHY on what it takes to overcome your obstacles in network marketing. It will keep you going and stay focused. Therefore, you will never give up!

Your why will stop you from procrastinating and just take massive action so your huge return investment in MLM will eventually payoff as a self starter. It’s  because you stayed in the game long enough to finally achieve success that 97% of marketers won’t in our industry!


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"Highly Motivated"It’s your responsibility to get yourself highly motivated if you want to start making changes in your life. Nowadays, your motivation has to fall in place if you absolutely want to step up to the next level.

You certainly want to get over your comfort zone on trying things to make things happen. You want to surround yourself with more positive influence and stay away from the negativity!

Therefore, you want to get highly motivated to start making the changes that you desire in your life. So , it is critical that you have the mindset that “you can do it” to keep you motivated in order to achieve your goals on your personal development to create changes in your life. 

Here Are The 5 Best Tips That Can Keep You Highly Motivated:

1.It’s vital to start writing a list of things on paper on what you want to achieve throughout the day or week. You can get highly motivated just simply using a pocket size journal. Therefore, you can start writing things to start doing your daily tasks that you want to accomplish. At the end of the day, you can check off all the tasks that you have done. It’s ok if left something behind but you can do those tasks the following morning. 

Therefore, you must stay highly motivated and have a positive attitude on a consistent basis! It can be difficult at first when trying to make positive changes in your life. If you stay highly motivated and making that serious commitment in your life that will absolutely help to make changes to achieve success!

2.You must avoid surrounding yourself with negative and broke people. They are usually types of people that you hang around often either at your corporate America job or your broke friends. Also, you should avoid politics and negative talk while working at the office. Most people hate their current job or situation, always making excuses and talking negative all the time that can bring your positive energy down!

Staying Highly Motivated Is A Must!

Too much negative influence that can shut down your highly motivated level when trying to make changes in your life! Nonetheless, you want to be around with more positive influence that are more friendly that absolutely can get you more highly motivated in your life! "Highly Motivated"

3.Attend your local meet up groups in your area or start connecting with positive people on Facebook that you can absolutely keep you highly motivated. A lot of people absolutely want to start creating changes in their lives simply because they are sick of the negative influences they are surrounded.

Theses helpful tips on motivation can definitely help when interacting with other people that wants more positivity in their lives with a similar mindset!

4.You must start reading or listening to personal development. Whether it’s a book or audio to get your mindset right! It never gets old when trying something new that you can learn. It definitely helps to keep you highly motivated and have a more positive mindset.

5.Always stay focused on your goals that you want to accomplish. Just remaining focused and highly motivated so you absolutely can create change and have a better life for yourself and your family. Once you start having more positive changes in your life, it will help you to take action to grow a successful business and stay highly motivated to achieve success in your life right now!


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