October 2012

"Creative Thinking"Obviously, creative thinking usually has great ideas & techniques or procedures on learning something new or improve anything that works! It can be either from your JOB or working for yourself as a entrepreneur!

It’s critical to think outside of the box from your creative thinking nowadays in 2012! Therefore, you absolutely have to start making your best decision on what is important for your business. You must start becoming that problem solver, making the right judgment call and offering value to others.

Critical And Creative Thinking  

Nonetheless, you just want to be yourself, not be someone you are not! Just be unique and start doing your creative thinking on what you have in your mind for your great ideas. You don’t have to act or think too serious, just have fun and act humorous to others. This will help for others to get know you better to figure out if they like you or not. This helps them to start listening to you from your critical and creative thinking!  

If you are indeed a entrepreneur, small business owner or just working for corporate America. Just doing those things alone will NOT create change, growth, producing money making activities or innovation. It is critical whether you are working for yourself as the BOSS or working for someone else. 

You just need to stand out from the crowd and start doing your critical and creative thinking on what exactly it takes to make money doing money making activities to actually make the sale. Or you are helping corporate America generate profits in your profession. It really doesn’t matter if you are working from home or at the corporate office in the work place at one of those skyscrapers in New York City!

Your Thoughts On Creative Thinking

Simply, you need to be in a quit setting like in your bedroom before going to sleep. This is when your creative thinking will definitely start taking over in your subconscious mind to make things better for you in your business or your boss at work.   "Creative Thinking"

The best way to do this on creative thinking is networking with others that is well educated more than you at participating meet up groups in your local area that is relevant in your field or start masterminding with like-minded people at events.   

Nonetheless, these types of strategies that works when doing your creative thinking to meet your needs to start getting the results that you always wanted for yourself.   

This will take your business or corporate America to the next level to start generating more revenues. Therefore, everyone will be satisfied and happy from theses outcomes. You might have the possibility to get a paid raise at your job or make more money owning your own business from your creative thinking and thinking outside of the box!  

Does It Really Work?

Certainly, your creative thinking is the way to go in business or in life. If you start thinking these strategies from your own creative thinking that works, You absolutely can change the landscape for your business, in corporate America or your own personal situation on your finances.

This will dramatically change your lifestyle! You can absolutely make minor changes from your creative thinking on old ideas that can help to grow your business. Therefore, amazing things that can occur in your field in corporate America today! 


PS: You absolutely can let go and free your own mind and start implementing your critical and creative thinking from those ideas and strategies. You will enjoy the ride for your success in MLM right now!


"Ambitious"The definition of ambitious that has do with having that hunger, motivation on what it takes to achieve your goals and success in business or in  life. It’s your decision if you want it bad enough or not. Not everyone is ambitious in this world. However, the most common things people want in life is food, clothing and sleep. If they have those things, they are mostly satisfied.

Being Ambitious

Most people growing up is getting a great education at a 4 year college so they can start working as a employee in corporate America. They weren’t taught how to be ambitious on what it takes to succeed in your career path or business as a entrepreneur. A lot of people hate their 9-5 jobs because they don’t have a PASSION on what they are doing for a living. It’s because they don’t want it bad enough on what they wanted in life!

We all need to be motivated in life but most people aren’t is just a reality on planet earth. This is a reason why most people are rather poor than wealthy. You have to be ambitious enough to succeed if you want your dreams to become a reality. Just simply having that desire and determination to get the things that you always wanted to put food on the table for your family. If you do, you will absolutely achieve success today!

Networking With People That Are Motivated

If you absolutely what to strive for in life is simply surround yourself and connect with like minded people that you have in common with. I suggest that you go to one of those meet ups groups to start networking with others that are ambitious.

It really doesn’t matter what type of groups as long they are ambitious like for instance weight loss, real estate investing, stock market, affiliate marketing or network marketing groups. This definitely helps to get you motivated and take action on what you want in life or in business. Therefore, you are likely to stay focused and determined to get the things that you always wanted in life.

You want to get someone to get you motivated that can guide you to be more ambitious. You can get the help from a mentor to go places where you never been before. You absolutely want to start growing as a better person and creating abundance in this world.

Ambitious and Failure         

Despite being ambitious isn’t a guarantee for your success. It’s because most lose their drive and hunger. Therefore, there ambition is lost as time goes by. Eventually most people simply give up and not chasing after their dreams. You have to keep fighting and failing until your goals are accomplished.

Only about 1% of people that are putting their own efforts to have their dreams become a reality. Therefore, if you stay in the game long enough and staying ambitious that will pay off in the long run in what I call life!


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"Network Marketing Leads"It can be frustrating to find high quality network marketing leads either offline or online. It really can be difficult to find those types of MLM leads. Literally, you must stop wasting your hard earn money on buying expensive leads that are mostly wasting your time.

If you want to get network marketing leads and get tons of prospects to see your biz opportunity to start generating significant amount of money for your multi-level marketing opportunity. You can continue reading this blog post!

Network Marketing Leads Online

You have the ability to find high quality prospects that are willing to join or buy your products in MLM. They also can be a great access in your business to start building a large downline in network marketing.

Tips On Generating Network Marketing Leads Are:

1.To start generating any traffic and get high quality network marketing leads, it’s critical that you have an effective lead capture page that will convert well from your targeted audience that will turn into a lead. In addition, you will also need to use an email auto responder. I highly recommend using Aweber.   

Therefore, you can start using theses follow up emails that is automated for you to start build rapport with your leads. This definitely helps shift through theses network marketing leads to find serious people that are ready to join a MLM business!

There is absolutely various free marketing strategies that you can learn and apply just taking action to start driving traffic, generating network marketing leads and recruiting prospects into your primary MLM biz opportunity!

"Network Marketing Leads"Branding Yourself And Attraction Marketing

2.After you created your unique marketing funnel, getting it optimized and the ability to start generating traffic to your lead capture page. Make sure it is done properly. If your marketing funnel can’t be found, it will be totally a waste of your time!

Start Driving Traffic To Generate MLM Leads

Generating high quality traffic online is critical when delivering value from your content to your targeted audience in your niche that have a interest on what you have to say! The best thing about content creation, it can definitely be a great source to start producing network marketing leads on the internet.

If you do it the right way, not only you will drive traffic but the potential to position yourself as a leader and get more credibility & exposure for your home based biz opportunity. Theses types of prospects will want to join in your primary MLM biz opportunity!  "Network Marketing Leads"

You need to stay consistent, posting valuable content, training, marketing strategies and information on the web, places like on your blog, high authority article directories, YouTube, Facebook, Press Releases are definitely great free marketing strategies to grow your biz and generating free network marketing leads. 

If you are willing to write unique content, linking it back to your lead capture page or website. There is potential to start generating network marketing leads just simply staying consistent and writing content daily!

Content writing is an effective marketing strategy to generate network marketing leads that position yourself on branding. Also, you become a leader in your niche. If people see you as a leader in MLM, you are in the perfect position to start building a large downline in your network marketing business.

Not About The Business Opportunity

People want to start working with leaders. It’s not about the company, products or the compensation plan. If you continue to offer value to people, (SOLVING THEIR PROBLEMS) they will start liking and trusting you. You can start creating new relationships and start attracting other MLMer’s who also wants to learn the secret sauce for generating network marketing leads for FREE!

It’s vital to start building your list to generate network marketing leads. The system will be automated for you and will shift thru your list to find the best high quality prospects to start building a large downline in multi-level marketing right now!

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"Bidxcel"You are cautiously doing your own due diligence from this ground floor opportunity with Bidxcel. It’s another one of theses penny auction sites like Zeek Rewards that recently closed it’s doors because it was non compliant with the SEC.

You are looking for a new home with Bidxcel because you’re either a former affiliate with Zeek Rewards or you are contemplating on joining one of theses penny auction biz opportunities. Nonetheless, I wrote this blog post if this biz opportunity is the perfect fit for you or not!

Before moving on, I’m not an affiliated or associated with Bidxcel in anyway. I haven’t joined this penny auction biz opportunity yet at this time! I’m just simply giving my honest opinion and review with the latest home base business endeavors!   

Bidxcel – Penny Auction Biz Opportunity  

Andrew Bracken and David Hofer have tons of experience in the home based biz industry. They are the co-founders of the madness with this penny auction company. They want to start building this business opportunity that is more superior than there former competitor Zeek Rewards.

The company definitely has excellent ideas & products in mind. They are definitely SEC compliant after hiring an attorney about the Bidxcel penny auction biz model. The compensation plan will be similar to Zeek after going smoothly with their attorney and advisers to be certain that the company is legit and compliant with the SEC!

Bidxcel Official Launch

If you are reading this MLM review before the launch, you can still be part of the matrix compensation plan when it’s the best time to join early during the pre-launch with Bidxcel! It’s not too late to lock your spot right now as an affiliate!

Simply go to the official Bidxcel corporate website. Obviously, you want to get more further details about the company. You absolutely want to do that first before you are considering joining this penny auction biz opportunity!

You need to look for a sponsor or a leader in Bidxcel that can help you launch your biz opportunity with this company. I bet most people that are signing up with this home based biz aren’t sponsoring reps as an affiliate prior to the launch in the next coming weeks or so!

Nonetheless, you are most likely a brand new to network marketing or affiliate marketing. You want to figure out on how the heck some affiliates are recruiting like crazy. Therefore, sponsoring reps from the hundreds or thousands of people into Bidxcel every week.   "Bidxcel"

Conclusion And Reality Check

After carefully doing your own due diligence, you now realize that Bidxcel is a legit penny auction biz opportunity. Obviously, It can be the right vehicle that you are looking for to build a successful home based biz opportunity to be financially free and fire your boss at your job. The company provides you with different auctions and getting the help from the leaders on what it takes to thrive with this penny auction biz opportunity.

If you want to achieve success with this penny auction biz opportunity, it’s your own responsibility to have the skills on how to sell that is critical on selling their products or services. Nonetheless, you want to sponsor reps to build a large downline with Bidxcel so you can get the financial freedom that you always wanted for yourself and your family. 


PS: Learn how to utilizing an Attraction Marketing success blueprint from your online platform to attract laser targeted free network marketing leads for your business on autopilot!

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