September 2012

"Off Page SEO"Other than from SEO strategies that are on page, it is essential to start focusing on off page techniques to increase your chances to get your content ranked. A lot of newbies as  a Internet marketer, this definition might be confusing to them at first, but in reality, it’s not. Therefore, there are a few vital things that you must focus on when it comes to off page SEO that will be explained from this blog post!

Off Page SEO Methods

Backlinks is the most critical factor on off page SEO. You have to realize it is the one reason why you want your blog or website to get fully optimized for the search engines. The search engines, like Google for instances that backlinks are essential when getting top ranking for your competing keywords in your niche. If you see other blogs or websites in your niche that is ranked higher than your sites.

It’s most likely thoses sites have more backlinks that is pointing back to there site than you do. So getting the best results on your blog or website is staying focused, continuously doing your daily tasks and continuing to build up a number of links you have over time that looks natural. You should think that the acquisition of targeted backlinks is important when it comes to theses off page SEO strategies.

Other Off Page SEO Key Factors

Another key factor on SEO is your site map. It has to do with your anchor text that contains your “Money Keywords”. Therefore, you certainly want the search engine spiders to find all the pages on your site without any problems, and your site map makes this possible.

With a site map, the search engines can view all your content on your site and the capability to get ranked on the search engines. I highly recommend that you create one on your site whenever you got the time to do it.

SEO experts differ on the subject on how big your site is that will determine your search engine ranking based on your off page SEO efforts. It’s absolutely a great possibility to rank high from either small or larger sites if you have unique content that is high quality content on your blog or website. 

Every niche, and even websites are kinda different, so you should start testing things on your own from theses off page SEO factors. If you are determined to get your content ranked but smaller sites can be quit difficult that will get little results.

However, larger sites with more content and higher authority sites will increase your chances to get instant results from your off page SEO strategies. As a internet marketer, the best way to figure out on what is working on off page SEO is simply doing a test if you can get results. You absolutely want to check out Article Marketing Robot and ABC3K to learn more about off page SEO techniques.

Paying A Close Attention on Link Building "Off Page SEO"

It’s critical that you should pay close attention to the types of sites you are linking to and note if their niche is the same as your own. Just linking to sites with niches that is similar to yours is always more effective than linking to unrelated sites on your niche. This works on doing your proper off page SEO strategy and gives the search engines on what they are looking for. 

When your blog isn’t relevant to your own site’s theme, then obviously it won’t be given as much importance as it should get in the first place. If you certainly want to get the best off page SEO based from your link building efforts that you should go after links with similar themes.

Last but not the least, make sure that all the sites that you’re linking to are legitimate and aren’t spammy at all.  Search engines are very specific about spammy looking websites and getting a backlink from such a site will make your website look bad. Therefore your content won’t get ranked.  It’s essential to have good neighbors, especially when it comes to off page SEO. 

Every single website that your linking to shouldn’t not only be relevant to your own site, but is should be reputed and genuine; a website that helps your readers or followers rather than scamming them. Nonetheless, there other factors to focus on with search engine optimization. 

If you want to get the best results with your efforts on off page SEO, start implementing on what you’ve learned here!



"Google Penguin Update"Google Algorithm rolled out a new update known as Google Penguin update about a month later after the Google Panda update. A odd name don’t you think? It occurred on April 24, 2012. A lot of sites got effected that are breaking the Google Webmaster guidelines.

In addition, according to Google are checking websites that claim now are spammy. Many of the blogs and businesses took a hit for violating the Googles rules from theses recent changes from this Google Penguin update.

There are various reasons why thousands of websites got the hit from the recent Google Penguin update. Nonetheless, if are reading this blog post, you don’t need to worry. I’m going to offer you theses SEO Tips on what you need to do that is broke that can be fixed right away. You absolutely can recover from the recent changes from the Google Penguin update right now!

Google Penguin Update 

If you don’t know what the changes were made from the Google Penguin update. It has to do with keyword stuffing and producing duplicate anchor text for your specific “money keyword”. This is the primary reason why your site got a hit that generated less traffic and no longer ranked in the search engines in Google. In addition from the Google Penguin update from various spam related activities or sites. 

The new algorithm changes from this Google Penguin update were websites that are breaking the Google guidelines. Therefore, websites were illegally link building practices are practically banned from the server. It was only targeting off-page SEO strategies that is relevant to popular link building to your site from theses Google Penguin update changes. 

However, this recent Google Penguin update that has the ability from theses algorithm changes to point out web spam (Also known as Search Engine Poisoning). After this Google Penguin update occurred, literally thousands of sites or businesses took a hit. Therefore, there sites were either lower in rank in the search engines or no longer can be found in Google. 

"Google Penguin Update"Affected By The Recent Google Penguin Update 

The different types of link building strategies took a hard hit from the Google Penguin update. It was including poor quality backlinks which is gathered with high quality web pages.

Building backlinks were never illegal in the first place from different web pages that were being used and were following this the proper way. It was essential to keep maintaining fully optimization sites on the search engines to eliminate such web spam on the internet. 

Also, various sites were not diversifying their anchor text that was over optimized from SEO purposes from theses algorithm changes.  For example on anchor diversity not too long ago that I learned from Rob Fore: MLM Tips, Tips in MLM, Network Marketing Tips. Also, you should include Click Here, Visit, Check out my blog, Look, etc.. See the point here?

Future Google Algorithm Updates

Since Google always makes the algorithm updates on a yearly basis. It is critical that you never ever over optimize your website or else your site won’t be seen in the search engines.  Thus, It can potential create more damage than good from your online presence from your site. So, I highly recommend for you to stick with legit SEO strategies and tools that works. You absolutely don’t want to get a penalty from Google! 

"Google Penguin Update"

This will definitely help in the long run to increase your chances on your site NOT to take a hit from the next algorithm changes like the Google Penguin update years to come! Always give importance on quality link building juice. Quantity of link building really doesn’t mean a thing.

However, you always need to create links with those sites which is more recognized and respected in the search engines from Google! You must start integrating with the social media networking sites to share, commenting or like your blog post. Google loves those and increases your chances to get your content ranked without any penalty!

So you must get more shares, comments and likes from social media networking sites like for instance: Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and the new social media platform Pinterest. This will absolutely help you to avoid getting a hit from either the Google Panda or Google Penguin update later on!

Click Here to learn more about search engine optimization from MLSP that have extensive training webinars from there prospective on getting the best SEO results just simply start learning and implementing theses SEO strategies today!


"Self Discipline"You need to stop making excuses on why you aren’t succeeding in your business that has to do with your self discipline. You need to take your business seriously and not treat it as a hobby. There are absolutely certain types of qualified people that are doing productive activities to grow their business.

Many people that are starting out, it doesn’t matter if you are involved in internet marketing or network marketing that they don’t start developing self discipline on what it takes to achieve success.

They always make a lame excuse why they aren’t making money yet in the home based business industry. To be honest with you, just ask yourself one question is your willingness to be self disciplined and take massive action to see immediate results in your business.   

Self Discipline Challenges To Thrive In Your Business

The challenges that we face as entrepreneurs is just having the motivation, desire, self discipline and your own inspiration in what it takes to thrive in your own business today. So how exactly can you do this is just simply having the proper mindset to get you to stay motivated to grow your business. You just need to believe in yourself in developing your skills to human behavioral patterns to start taking action steps to build your business.

You don’t need to be stressed out when you start developing your self discipline approach on a consistent basis to achieve your goals in what it takes not to fail but to succeed in your business as a entrepreneur. If you absolutely start having the confidence and believing in what you are pursuing you will not fail.  Also, your mission that has your own ability to get other individuals with a positive and self discipline behaviors to become that leader is simple reading personal development books and taking massive action that most people won’t do.

If anyone can succeed in a business and making a lot of money without the self discipline, Therefore anyone would be doing it. Nonetheless, In reality that isn’t true. You just need to have the self discipline qualifications on WHY you want it so bad to achieve success in your business. Most people don’t take their business seriously in this industry. You just need to do your productive tasks consistently and stop wasting your time doing unproductive things like watching television, checking your email messages, chatting with friends on Facebook or on your cellphone.                   "Self Discipline"

When you finish your productive tasks prior to do anything else, you should pat yourself on the back. It absolutely gives you to stay more motivated and staying on track and improving your self discipline that will gain momentum that will eventually find your success in your business.

Self Discipline – Just Taking One Step At A Time!

To start building a successful business is simply to solve your own problems and issues to figure out a certain way to make it work. You just need to accept that when working on your self discipline when you on your way to achieve success. You must have a high positive energy and motivation that is based on your steps on self discipline.

So, when ever you are struggling to get your business off the ground floor, it really doesn’t matter about anything else that seems that you are failing. The more that you are making mistakes and failing you are absolutely one step away to your success on any given day.

You just need to get things done on a consistent basis. In time, you will become an unstoppable entrepreneur that takes massive action that your success will start happening just simply having that self discipline on what it takes to achieve success in your business effective immediately.


Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon

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"Ways To Reduce Stress"Obviously, you want to find different ways to reduce stress if it is your goal to thrive in MLM or any online home based biz. You must be motivated and staying positive when overcoming your struggles in a business working from home. 

You can get really depressed or down on yourself when trying to build a successful home based  biz and your contemplating on quitting your business.

You simply need to find different ways to reduce stress. Nonetheless, it’s critical for you to stay focused to start achieving your goals by taking action. If you do, you will start seeing results in your business to start making money online. 

Ways To Reduce Stress

There are easier ways to reduce stress that can be applied right now. Thus, here are my 5 best tips on different ways to reduce stress when you are absolutely frustrated:

1.You must avoid the negativity that is mostly likely your friends that you are hanging around. These types of people will start hating you or bringing a negative vibe that can turn to the worse. If you seriously want to achieve success, you must surround yourself with positive people rather than the negativity if you want to increase your chances for success in MLM or any home based biz on the web.

Ways To Reduce Stress2.When ever you are getting overwhelmed at your job or your own business, you just need to take a break once in a while. Nonetheless, there are other ways to reduce stress.

Just start spending more time with your friends and family that can be more positive influences in your life. There are times to find ways to reduce stress and not sit in front of a cubicle at a job or in front of the computer all day!

3.Other ways to reduce stress is working out on a regular basis for least 30 minutes per day 3x per week minimum to have more positive energy. The type of exercise that you can enjoy is either working out at the gym, running, playing racketball or going golfing that can absolutely help you to reduce stress.

Your Goals From Your Ways To Reduce Stress   "Ways To Reduce Stress"

4. Try to discipline yourself with a habit to start doing daily positive affirmations first in the morning when you wake up to reduce stress. This will help yourself to accomplish your goals to achieve success in MLM or your online home based biz right now! 

It’s critical that you start writing your long term and short term goals. You should start reading them out loud every single day, so you can stay focused so you absolutely won’t get distracted from your goals that you start doing in the first place. 

5. Always take the time for yourself to start hanging out with friends and family, reading personal development books and listening to music that you enjoy are other ways to reduce stress to get you more relaxed between breaks from your job or working from home in a network marketing business. This will definitely help you to remain fresh, focused and having more positive energy inside of you based on your efforts on the work that you are doing at the moment! 

The negativity that can be contagious that can effect you financially at your job or your home based biz. Therefore, you must start implementing theses strategies on different ways to reduce stress if you want any chance to achieve success moving forward into the future today!


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