April 2012

Tips On Staying Focused And Disciplined

by Danny on April 30, 2012 · 5 comments

"Disciplined"Here are several of my tips on getting disciplined and staying more focused. It is critical to at least keep your negative emotions aside. If you have to start dealing with theses emotions that absolutely become your worst enemy when it comes down for you to get disciplined.

If you stick to it on your own goals despite your troubled times that you can get over it. This helps to accomplish your goals either in life or in business.

Get Disciplined

For example, you are making a commitment to start losing some weight before the summer season. You absolutely want to set your goals on your daily exercises and have written down your workout sessions for at least 3 times per week.

There will be times that get you un-motivated to go to the gym so you can lose some weight because some type of circumstances that occurred at your job or dealing with a family situation.  When this happens and not getting disciplined because of your emotions and feeling on the tasks on working out on a consistent basis!

We are all humans but this definitely happens at some point in our lives. You just need to get disciplined and not letting your emotions get in your way to achieve your goals to get rid of the excessive weight that was a goal of yours. A lot of people are dealing with obesity, therefore lack of getting disciplined. They aren’t losing any weight but actually gaining more weight isn’t a good thing.

Avoid Pain & Get Disciplined     "Disciplined"

The best approach to start avoiding pain and negative emotions is just to face them and just simply getting over them. If you start doing that then nothing will stop you to achieve your goals. You will become more disciplined and feel better about yourself.

Second, you should develop your own appreciation on achieving your goals on your success. If you continue to get disciplined, it will definitely get a lot easier to continue on with your disciplined habits. Therefore, it is essential to set your short term goals on a consistent basis every single week.

For instances, you want to get over your fear talking to your prospects over the phone! You should start talking with at least 5 prospects on a daily basis that can be achieveable. If you do it every day then you will feel more confident when talking with people and close more sales.

Eventually, you will start talking with people on the phone up to 3-4 hours per day in the next 30-45 days. It’s a numbers game when it comes down to a home based business.  You will definitely get more prospects to join your primary MLM business opportunity.

Staying Focused And Consistent

You absolutely can start disciplining yourself on other things that can be achievable like your finances, relationships, business and other areas in your life. You just need to stay focused and consistent then your success with eventually come to you!

The last tip on getting disciplined, you should take one step at a time to start achieving your big goals. You just start doing theses baby steps, you will absolutely start achieving your goals to receive massive success. Theses small steps can certainly transform your life. Nonetheless, these steps that can be attainable just staying consistent and disciplining yourself in every area in your life!

If you start implementing theses self disciplined tips that will eventually bring you more positive energy or vibe in your life today!


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"Think And Grow Rich"There is this popular book called Think and Grow Rich written by Napolen Hill back in 1937. It’s a must read if you want to start thinking like the rich that can absolutely change your life forever financially. Think and Grow Rich has do with your motivation and personal development on what it takes to achieve success either in life or business today. I truly believe it is no question one of the best motivational books that is written today!

Napolen Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

A lot of ordinary people have changed their lives forever either financially or personally on many of the principals from Napolen Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. There are absolutely many ideas and facts in this book on various thought patterns and the ability to start taking action to accomplish the success that you always wanted in life.

Nonetheless, what does this really mean to the average Joe that is reading Think and Grow Rich. In order to understand all the fundamentals in this book, I highly recommend on reading this book at least 4-5 times to absorb all the information.

The Ideas From Think and Grow Rich

You will learn how to implement the strategies and ideas from Think and Grow Rich. Most people reading this book aren’t taking it seriously on getting the knowledge in your subconscious mind on what it takes to achieve success!  

The human behavior has to do with our thoughts, desire, persistence, decision making, ideas and other fundamentals in this book that is forcing yourself to take a look in the mirror on your accountability to take massive action or no action at all.

You just simply have that positive mindset and your desires that can definitely change your life if you really want to change yourself as a person that is inside of you. Also, the capability to start having more positive thoughts in your subconscious mind. Think and Grow Rich is a easy read, therefore you want to start challenging yourself even though you aren’t realizing it.

Your Subconscious Mind And Thoughts To Achieve Success

The power of your own subconscious mind that you will feel more confidence in yourself that you can accomplish anything you want just having the right attitude, desire and persistence. This has to do with your affirmations and it definitely can be a powerful thing when it comes out. Affirmations is vital for your success.

You won’t prosper without the power of your affirmations that will change your thoughts, ideas and plans into massive action. Power has a definition as ” organized and intelligently directed knowledge.” Nonetheless, knowing the term “Knowledge is Power”!  Think and Grow Rich takes that meaning and trains you to receive more knowledge, success and power.

Anybody can achieve success and abundances from Napolen Hill’s Think and Grow Rich that can absolutely transform your life if you really want it. You can take the advice from Napolen Hill on the concepts that is discussed in this book, therefore just start applying it. If you do that and start investing in yourself  from the Think and Grow Rich book, you will definitely start seeing the changes in your life right now!

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"Youngevity"You obviously came across one of many Youngevity reviews online. Therefore, you are contemplating on joining this business opportunity. Before making that financial decision, you want to do your due diligence if it is the perfect fit for you to enroll with Youngevity.

I suggest that you go over this Youngevity review in it’s entirety if you really can start making money in MLM. What I’m going to cover is the history of the company, the products, the compensation plan and to figure out if it is a match for you to sign up as rep with this company.

Youngevity Overview      

You absolutely want to get more information about Youngevity. However, there is a concern if you really want to sign up with this MLM Company. You have to figure out if they have the perfect products that you have the passion for with a generous compensation plan. If you want to achieve success in this industry really isn’t about the company, products or the compensation plan to start making a lot of money.

There niche is selling health and wellness products utilizing the network marketing word of mouth advertising. Youngevity has been around for about a decade which is definitely a accomplished MLM Company.  The leadership within Youngevity has well over 200 years of combined experience in network marketing.

Also, there is actual proof with it’s documentation to back up it’s products. In fact, they are the only company as of this writing that has 2 approved health claims granted by the FDA.  Youngevity is also getting the respect from MAB (Medical Advisory Board). Since the company has been around for over 10 years, it will continue to expand outside of the United States!

What Type Of Products Youngevity Are Selling?  

There is absolutely hundreds of different products that Youngevity are marketing in the health and wellness niche. The type of products they are marketing are liquid supplements and supplements that comes in a tablet or capsule form. Youngevity are also carrying weight loss products known as Slender FX.   

In addition, they are promoting skin care products, a consumable chocolate products and various home care products as well. Theses products look great, but if your are contemplating to become a rep with Youngevity, I would cautiously do your research first to get to know more about the products so you can feel confident in marketing there products.

The Business Opportunity Compensation Plan  

The compensation plan that Youngevity offers to their distributors is the unilevel comp plan. There is nine different ways to get paid as rep with the company. In fact, there is 2 different categories on getting compensated with the business opportunity.

First of all, reps get paid from upfront commissions, immediate income,back-end income and monthly residual income. And second there is various types of performance leadership pools to start making more money along with a car bonus that you can earn based on your efforts and rank within Youngevity. You absolutely can get more information about the company’s compensation plan on their corporate website.

Is Youngevity Really A Legit Business Opportunity?   

After cautious doing my own due diligence on this business opportunity, Youngevity is really a legitimate MLM Company. They have been around for a decade now with a great leadership and management team in place, quality products and a generous compensation plan. Just those things alone might not be enough for you on what it takes to thrive as a marketer with Youngevity.

If you really want to achieve success with Youngevity, it is your ability to start learning on how to sell and sponsoring reps into your business opportunity. Also, you need to start building a large downline. This is why most marketers are struggling to grow there business! It is important to start learning on how to market and generate leads online.

What I strongly recommend is learning attraction marketing. So you can start using a lead generation marketing system that helps to start branding yourself, generate leads, start making money even though people say NO to your primary MLM business opportunity. If you start combining the offline techniques that your taught from your upline with online marketing strategies, there is potential to start making 5-6 monthly income with Youngevity today!


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Beginners On Learning This SEO Strategy

by Danny on April 23, 2012 · 3 comments

"SEO Strategy"This one takeaway you can start learning this SEO strategy. You are obviously struggling or trying to get familiar with search engine optimization. Therefore, you are overwhelmed with different SEO strategy and techniques online. You absolutely should not worry about it that much because I’m going to offer the basic strategies that are effective that you can implement right away.

The Best SEO Strategy And Basics

Before writing your blog posts, it is critical to do your keyword research first. It is absolutely the most important SEO strategy if you have any chance to get on the first page in the search engines. So what is exactly the best way to do your “money” keyword research is using either a free keyword search tool or paid ones like Market Samurai or SEO Cockpit.

Obviously, paid keyword research tools offers you the best long tail variations of the keywords that you are looking for. The long tail keywords gives you better results with less competition.  The short tail keywords that are very competitive with little chance to get on the first page rankings in the search engines.

On Page SEO Strategy

After you done your keyword research, it’s now the time to put them in the right places. On Page SEO strategy is vital to have the keyword on each blog post on your site. Utilizing a keyword that is appropriate and NOT spamming the keywords all over the place when writing your content.

This is usually the best SEO strategy to find the best target keywords in your niche and then create that content that is based on those keywords. As for the keyword density for your specific keyword should be approximately between 1-3 percent and your On Page score of at least 90 or better!

Off Page SEO Strategy

Now your blog post has all the keywords in your content. Now, the next step is to do the Off Page SEO strategy. This is the vital part that MOST bloggers aren’t doing when creating content. It’s all about building backlinks and the most vital part of a link that would be your anchor text.

It’s really describing a link, often offering what the site is all about. Nonetheless, you should use your targeted keywords in your niche of the anchor text. The more backlink juice to your content will increase your chances to get first page ranking in the search engines like for instance Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you are contemplating on purchasing backlinks, I encourage NOT to do so. You are just wasting your money. Nonetheless, the search engines really don’t like this approach and should you be found out engaging with this type of activity that your website can be penalized. If you DO, your site should be SHUT down after your hard work on writing all that content on your blog!

Other than applying backlinking to your site, there is definitely other off page optimization SEO strategy that you can apply. You can do Pinging, Social Bookmarketing and the ability to submit your site’s RSS feed to RSS feed aggregators. In addition, you can do video marketing like for instances YouTube.

Simple SEO Strategy Online

This is just the basic SEO strategy that you can learn and implement right away, especially, if you are a beginner with SEO. You just need to take it slow in learning this SEO strategy and work your way up in the advance level just taking one step at a time.

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