November 2011

"Vitamark"You landed on this page on this Vitamark Review because you heard about this business opportunity after someone had approached you about this company. Just like everyone else, you went online to look for Vitamark Reviews to figure out if this MLM Company is really a legit network marketing company.

Before going on, I am not associated with Vitamark in anyway what so ever, I just tend to write hundreds of MLM reviews online. Therefore, I’ll show you the way that you can absolutely achieve success with this particular network marketing company.

Vitamark Company Overview

Vitamark is a multi-level marketing company that got started back in 2002. The company is based in the Houston, Texas area. David Bertrand, Jana Mitcham and Al Schreiter are the leaders and the co-founders of Vitamark International. They started utilizing a network marketing business model that the company distributes their products through independent marketers in this industry.   

Vitamark Flagship Products

There niche is in the health and wellness industry that promotes excellent quality flagship products in network marketing. First of all, there main product the company promotes is a product called Limu Plus. It’s a consumable product that is in liquid form. Therefore, you must use approximately 1 to 2 ounces in your beverage on a daily basis.

There is absolutely has many health advantages that Vitamark International claims that this product improves your immune system, gives you more energy throughout the day, fills you up with antioxidants, reduces muscle pain and fights stress. There is also another product that deals with weight management and multi-vitamin products as well.

Vitamark Business Opportunity

If you want to become a distributor with Vitamark, there is 3 different levels that you can sign up in. Just go with the one that best fit’s your needs. You can get enrolled from the $29, $297 or at $997. So when you enroll at the $297 level or above you will be automatically get signed up in the autoship program that will automatically get access to 4 bottles of Limu Plus shipped to you every month unless you decided to cancel your autoship program with the company.

As for the compensation plan, you can get compensated as a rep with the company 8 different ways. Vitamark is definitely a legitimate business opportunity and you can absolutely start making 6 to 7 figures per year.

You are getting paid on the retail sales from their products when you starting sponsoring reps into the Vitamark business opportunity. You can start getting month residual income when you start training your downline on how to promote the products and the ability to recruit new marketers based on duplication. Also the company offers fantastic trips once you become a top income earner.

Reps failing In Vitamark Or Any Business Opportunity

Despite the fact, Vitamark is a fantastic company with excellent leadership, awesome products and a generous compensation plan. It absolutely has nothing to do with your success in network marketing. It is because 97% of reps in MLM that join a business opportunity will fail in this industry.

The main reason because they aren’t taught properly on how to sell the products or start generating qualified targeted MLM leads to take a look at a business presentation.

Many of the distributors are frequently doing the mistakes on pitching your business opportunity other than your friends and family in the market place. Nonetheless, most distributors will won’t make a single dime in Vitamark or any MLM business opportunity.



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"Jeunesse Review"You made the decision to take the time to take a look at this Jeunesse Review. You are thinking about joining this anti-aging product business opportunity in the health and wellness niche. So you want to become a distributor with Jeunesse after cautiously doing your due diligence.

What I will cover from this Jeunesse Review is the company, products and the compensation plan. This will definitely help if this is the right home based business opportunity for you or not.  Before going an further on this article, I am not a representative with Jeunesse. I’m just giving a 3rd party MLM Review I usually write on network marketing companies.

Jeunesse Review On this MLM Company

This particular MLM Company that is promoting nutritional and anti-aging skin care products. So what does the name Jeunesse actual come from. It’s a French word which means “Youth”.  The founders of the company are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis that they certainly believe on their products is truly founded on the fountain of youth.   

The company is located in Altamonte Springs, Florida. They both have done their due diligence on stem cell therapy research and this is how Juenesse is founded  in utilizing the multi-level marketing business model. That said, Ray and Lewis have well over 2 decades of experience in network marketing and the various accomplishments is creating 15 millionaires in the home based business industry.

Jeunesse Products

There are 3 flagship products from this Jeunesse Review the company promotes:

1.Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum– It is produced to restore the luminosity, firmness and smoothness in the human skin.

2. Reserve-The ability to increase your metabolism, increasing digestive and function support.

3. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex– Instant 24 skin hydration that allows quickly into the skin in order to form a natural moisturizing obstacles.

If you really want to start marketing theses products, I highly recommend that you try using theses products yourself. You want to give it a try first because you want to figure out if you really believe and have the passion for theses Jeunesse products. This will definitely help to get gain more prospects and gain more distributors from this Jeunesse Review.

"Jeunesse Review"


Jeunesse Comp Plan and Business Opportunity

Anyone can started on Jeuness for an affordable investment for just either $29.95 or $19.95 per month. The business starter kit comes with a replicated website with a company backoffice. If you are interest in purchasing their products for someone that signed up as a distributor that you can definitely start handing out as example purposes only. The packages that usually range from $199 to $1724.

There is 6 different way to get compensated as a rep with Jeunesse. Just like other MLM companies you get paid from Retail Sales, New Customer Acquistion Bonus, Team Volume Commissions, Leadership Matching Bonus, Customer Acquistion Incentives and the last one is the Leadership Bonus Pool. You can get more information about the Comp Plan from the Jeunesse corporate website that is certainly generous in generating income from this business opportunity.

Is This Jeunesse Review A Legit Home Based Business Opportunity?

In todays 21st century, the aging baby boomers are open to stay a lot younger. Nonetheless, It is absolutely a great opportunity for network marketing companies in the health and wellness niche to thrive in a business. Because there is a BOOM in this niche, you obviously making the right decision. That said, from this Jeunesse Review that has great leaderships and products.

Even though, it isn’t a guarantee that you will achieve success after reading this Jeunesse Review. It really doesn’t matter about the company, products or the compensation plan.  It is essential on learning on how to sell.

Therefore, after hassling your friends and family (Warm Market), I highly recommend in utilizing an Attraction Marketing System that definitely helps to brand yourself in the market place.

If you start implementing this system you will start generating leads, attract prospects and make more money when people say NO to your primary MLM Business Opportunity. It is critical to start learning and applying both offline and online marketing techniques that will help after going through this Jeunesse Review to explode your business today!



Dedicated To Your Success!


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"Adzzoo"You came across this MLM Review on a network marketing business opportunity called Adzzoo. It’s a company that provides local businesses very affordable ad’s using the internet in order to get higher search engine ranks like on Google for instance. You are reading this blog post to figure out if Adzzoo is a reliable multi-level marketing business opportunity and not just another one of those “Pyramid Schemes”.

Adzzoo Company Overview Business Opportunity

You are doing your due diligence, so you want to find out if it is worth investing on this business opportunity with Adzzoo. Therefore, I am going to provide you the information on the company, product or services and the ways to achieve success in network marketing.                                       

Adzzoo headquarters is in located in the sunshine state in SouthWestern Florida. According to their corporate website, the company states that they have theses unique technology platforms that is a lot less consuming. However, it most likely to be more of a “plug and play” marketing facility. Adzzoo is totally different from  it’s competitor with LocalAdlinks which has prior financial and technical issues that they are dealing with at the moment.

You don’t have deal with these problems with Adzzoo. The company absolutely starts spreading out all their ad’s online to start generating massive amount of traffic to your company website or advertisement.  Nonetheless, you certainly want get more customers that want to do business with your online home based business.

Will there be any technical problems if you are considering in enrolling with this company after cautiously going over this Adzzoo Review? There is unlikely to have any issues because they are well organized, and has a fantastic leadership management team with this business opportunity. You can generously get compensated from the company.

I have heard past rumors that marketers with LocalAdlinks haven’t received a dime from them. Adzzoo is continuing to thrive and grow on the internet and will continue to get better as a company in the near future and beyond.

What is reasons on why there is a lot of small businesses advertising online rather than utilizing the old school advertising in such places like radio, television, magazines, local newspapers, etc.? It is because there is potential to generate enormous amount of traffic or leads that can be created then ever before in the past 10 years.

However, it is more affordable to start advertising online with different small businesses rather than those giant corporations. Just like other multi-level marketing companies, you receive compensation by sponsoring reps into your organization and the capability to start building a team to get a commission. As your business grows or group volume in your downline you can receive bonuses in Adzzoo or any other network marketing business opportunity in this industry.

In reality, thousand of MLM Companies will not be around after 1 or 2 years. It is because they have unsufficient amount of reps, not utilizing a duplicatable marketing system, lack of marketing prospective, lack of education and training. Also, there isn’t enough qualified leaders that network marketers that can start following in this industry.

However, there is only a handful of MLM Companies that achieve success in this industry that lasts at least for 1 year or longer. Nonetheless, if you are not doing your research if you absolutely want to start doing business with a multi-level marketing business opportunity that you can start building a long term monthly residual income in MLM.

Adzzoo Network Marketing Business Opportunity Success      "Adzzoo"

If you really want to achieve success in Adzzoo, you must start learning and implementing Attraction Marketing.  You can have the ability to start sponsoring reps into your business opportunity and start building a large downline in multi-level marketing. It is unlikely that your company or sponsor doesn’t teach theses online marketing strategies in the 21st century at the moment

So you need to stop hassling you’re friends and family, pitching you’re multi-level marketing business opportunity at your at Star Bucks or your local Barnes and Nobles and giving out corporate flyers and DVD’s, these are the most frequent mistakes that inexperience marketers are doing.

The fact is that 97% of marketers will fail in this business utilizing the worthless marketing strategies that won’t work for most people. Your targeting the wrong types of people who really don’t care about your Adzzoo business opportunity.



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"Pur3x Review"You landed on this page because you heard all the buzz on this Pur3x Review online. Nonetheless, you want to get more information on this business opportunity. Andrew Rinehart is the CEO and the founder of Pur3x. The company is based in the West Coast in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rinehart has many extensive experience in the multi-level marketing niche.

He also has the desire and passion for building a successful network marketing business is simply utilizing the MLM business marketing model. Nonetheless, Pur3x is definitely a real business that markets a great tasting and delicious consumable beverage that has the ability to boost your energy through out the day when you first wake up in the morning or working hard at the gym.

Pur3x Review On The Company Products

The products they offer to their consumers in the market place is in the health and wellness niche. What the company is promoting on their products that has to do with gaining energy that is blended with a liquid, pill and a gel format.

If you are interested in trying theses products yourself and the possibility to check out this business opportunity that is currently gaining momentum and growing not only in North America but worldwide as well.   

There are two consumable products that the company offers.  First of all, a product called Pur3x Renew is a designer energy consumable energy drink that is carbonated and that also includes caffeine with only 50 calories and low in sugar at 12 grams isn’t that bad.

The second product is called Pur3x Revolution is a fruit juice that is carbonated and comes with a mix with 12 various types of fruits, vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine free with no artificial flavors or colorings. Pur3x got involved in this niche because they wanted to have the opportunity to get a piece of the pie on a possibility trillion dollar health and wellness industry.

Pur3x Compensation Plan

As for the compensation plan as a distributor with the company is introducing 3 people about the business opportunity that you can personally enroll into the Pur3x Club.  The company utilizes a compensation plan from the 3×12 Matrix. Nonetheless, for becoming a Pur3x member is just sponsoring 3 new marketers that is directly below you in the compensation plan.

Whenever a Pur3x associate sponsors a rep that is the one of their own personal sponsors that brings into the club 12 level deep in the comp plan. You can get more information about the compensation plan from their corporate website and you can absolutely learn more of their products as well. As a marketer, you can start making money right away is just sponsoring new Pur3x Club members every single month.

Pur3x Business Opportunity

You are considering on enrolling as a rep with Pur3x. Therefore, you must have the motivation and desire to be a top income earner and getting to the top of the Pur3x compensation plan. It’s not too difficult but it can be complicated to achieve success as a top producer as a distributor with the company.

Your success with Pur3x or any business opportunity isn’t about the company, products or the compensation plan. To thrive in network marketing is learning to sell rather than marketing your Pur3x business opportunity by hassling your friends and family(Warm Market) or cold calling leads is unproductive to start making money in MLM. Therefore, you absolutely don’t want to start wasting your time and energy with the wrong types of people.


Pur3x Review Conclusion To Your Success

It is essential that you must learn to become a leader and the ability to start branding yourself is utilizing an Attraction Marketing System. This will get your prospects contacting you about your primary business opportunity or possible VJ partnerships with you. It’s main strategy is generating leads and creating new relationships to your prospects or followers despite the fact they say NO to your business opportunity!

You just need to start learning and implementing a lead generation marketing system that you will absolutely thrive in your own business opportunity easily. Nevertheless, it is your desire and motivation for your possibility to be a top income producer for your results as a leader as a distributor with the Pur3x MLM business just simply taking massive action today!


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