October 2011

"Believing In Yourself"You gotta to keep believing in yourself. However, you are failing over and over again! Therefore, you must keep believing in yourself that you will eventually get there to achieve success in life or in business. You know a lot of people aren’t believing in yourself because they aren’t focused, consistent and aren’t having that belief in having that driven in what it takes to find their success. You need to figure out the skills on your weaknesses and strengthens that people know about you.

You absolutely need to strengthen your weaknesses so you can continue believing in yourself in order to accomplish your goals and dreams. It came be anywhere from starting a business in real estate, franchise, network marketing or a internet marketing business. It doesn’t matter what is your background. You just need the proper mindset and start believing in yourself that you will have the capability to achieve success.

If you absolutely want to reach your goals in life, believing in yourself is a must if you want to get anywhere in life today. You don’t want to get stuck and dealing with the same patterns in the way your thinking from your subconscious mind.   

Here Are My 3 Tips On How To Start Believing In Yourself Today!

1.If You Still Can’t believe In Yourself That You Can’t Do It, Try To Do It!

You will never know what will happen! It is because you have that pattern that inside of your subconscious mind that has to do with fear that you will fail. Nonetheless, there has to be some work that needs to be done so you can start believing in yourself again.

Just make that serious commitment to yourself that you will absolutely do your best at any opportunity that comes towards your direction. It really doesn’t matter if that it is possible. Just make it happen and don’t think what will the outcome will be. The worst that can happen to you if you don’t try. You just need to believe in yourself in taking massive action and not managing wasted time.

2. Start Building Affirmations For Your Expectations

Go get a pencil and paper to start writing a list. Start making a list of the things that you truly are believing in yourself and your weakness abilities. Just make a list, it really doesn’t matter if it is small or big.  Once you created that list, you should go over expectations that is either high or low and go over your list out loud to yourself.

Think to yourself if you can do those things that is possible to do. If you feel that you can’t do the things that is true. Therefore, just go out there and just go for it! It really doesn’t matter if someone else is better than you no matter what.            "Believing In Yourself"

3. Figure Out What Can Be Done

Your are continuing to fail is the expectations that is going through your mind that you will absolutely not achieve success. However, you need to back to the past when you were younger on your beliefs that never happened. Like for instance, You are going to go for the game winning touchdown, but dropped the wide open pass at your high school game to impress the girls at school. They would start laughing at your face because you failed to make that catch!

That wasn’t making a good impression at all. Ever since that football game back in the day you are having that same old defeats because you didn’t start believing in yourself. Now it is time to push yourself in what believes are you are capable of. This can cause anxiety or fear at first. However, just take one step at time in getting that confidence and beliefs in yourself.

Believing In Yourself Is Just Your Assumptions!

The high expectation might not be true. You just need to accept your expectations as the real truth from yourself. Therefore, there is endless amount of possibilites on every unique situation you may be in. Challenges can be rough at times from your expectations. You just need to have an open mind that your possibilities and expectations might be wrong!

That said, with every accomplishments and goals that you have in mind. It doesn’t have to be small or big to start believing in yourself to grow to become a better person. You absolutely need to start pushing and disciplining yourself in order to get out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals is just simply start believing in yourself to accomplish your success.

Danny Yoon is an Online Marketing Coach. He is a blogger and his website contains his thoughts and opinions reflections on personal development, marketing education and entrepreneurships for struggling entrepreneurs to overcome their obstacles.

To find out more, visit Danny’s blog at www.dannysyoon.com and check back on a regular basis for regular written content in just believing in yourself today to achieve success TODAY! 


"Clever Container"You landed on this page on this Clever Container Review online. You are interested on reading this company review because you are doing your due diligence to see if it is really a legitimate MLM or just one of those “pyramid schemes“. Also, You can really make a lot of money in the home based business industry that is overlooked.

So before going on with this company review, I just want to let you know I am not associated or involved with this MLM Company. Therefore, I’m going to give the honest truth from this Clever Container Review.

Clever Container Overview and What Types of Products Do They Market?

There niche is in the home party plan business. Clever Container is co founded by Jennifer Weaver who is a stay at home mom and Karen Eshebach who is a professional organizer. The company is located in my home town in Detroit, MI. Clever Container got start back in 2006.  Your probably thinking their products are similar to Tupperware.   

After doing extensive research on the company and looking at the information on their website, it isn’t anything like Tupperware. Clever Container that offers various types of unique organizational products. The company does sell a enormous amount that you can choose from. The product line Clever Container sells to the customers are from a craft organization, kitchen organization, bath organization, laundry organization, office &  electronic organization and everything else between.

It is clearly that the organization line of the company’s products to make things easier when you want to organizing things without getting messy. Whether from your home or corporate office makes thing look neat and clean. Clever Container is a company that is a 4.36 billion dollar organizational industry. This is definitely a great niche to get involved if your open to start a business working from home.

Clever Container Compensation Plan

As a distributor with Clever Container, the company gives their reps a generous commission from 20% to 33% based on retail sales. There are other ways to get paid like for instance: creating a large downline/team and different types of bonuses that also include the leadership pool bonus.

Commission various on the product being sold that can be potentially higher than 20%. It depends on which rankings you are in from the company’s compensation plan. There are many factors that are into play to grow your business quickly to get into the highest qualifications level shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve success in the business effective immediately.

Clever Container To Your Fast Track To Your Success!   "Clever Container"

After doing extensive research, Clever Container is indeed a legitimate business opportunity. That said, “Clever Container Scam” isn’t a Pyramid Scheme that most people think!  They are absolutely selling fantastic organizational products. However, it has nothing to do in order to thrive in network marketing to start generating income with the company.

You are probably like everyone else that you are taught from your upline in applying the 3 sec rule or hassling your friends and family about your primary MLM business opportunity. Those types of people are most likely unqualified prospects anyways to build a organization in your company.

It is essential that you need to learn to recruit and sell. It is a must so that your prospects will be chasing you just providing value to them rather than pitching your MLM Company. You definitely want to take advantage online in learning and implement the 3 methods to leverage the internet.

You need to start generating qualified targeted MLM leads, branding yourself and the capability to get paid even though your prospects say NO to your primary business opportunity. It shouldn’t be too difficult to learn theses methods. You should be utilizing an attraction marketing funnel to grow your Clever Container MLM business opportunity fast to start seeing results right now!



Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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"Beyond Organic Reviews"Obviously you landed on this page because you heard about theses Beyond Organic Reviews. You want to do some research on the company before considering in starting a home based business. Therefore, I’m going to give you a straight forward Beyond Organic Review. Before I go on I am not associated or involved with this MLM Company.  I’m just a marketer that has written hundreds of different MLM Reviews.

You definitely want to read the best Beyond Organic Reviews on the internet. What I am going to cover here is the information, the products and the company’s compensation plan. Also, I’ll give you information on how to achieve success as a rep from theses Beyond Organic Reviews to be part of 3% of marketers that thrives in this industry.   

Beyond Organic Reviews On This MLM Company

Next month in November 2011 as of this writing on theses Beyond Organic Reviews is the official launched of the MLM Company. People are allowed to join and become one of the founders with the company during the pre-launch as a distributor with Beyond Organic. The benefit’s for being a founding member with the company before the official launch is start getting the go ahead and have a team ready so you can generate income almost immediately before the company opens it’s doors to the public.

The founder of Beyond Organic is Jordan S. Rubin. If the name sounds familiar to you. He has been featured in one of thoses popular health magazines. Rubin is also an author of some of his popular books like the Makers Diet and The Raw Truth. He is also the creator of Garden for life. So as the founder of Beyond Organic, he is absolutely an expert in this niche that people might have an interest after going through theses Beyond Organic Reviews from this work.

Just like many of the compensation plans that you heard from other organizations, Beyond Organic will be using an uni-level compensation plan. The advantages in a uni-level instead of a binary compensation plan that you can personally start recruiting unlimited number of reps that can be directed towards you.

You will get a commission from the company’s products that you sell and promote. Also, you can get paid on direct commissions from the Beyond Organic starter kits that you sell that you enroll in your primary MLM business opportunity. Just like other MLM company’s they offer there distributors month residual income and the group sales volume. Also they offer fast start bonuses and leadership pool bonuses as well that you can be compensated from your efforts.

Beyond Organic Reviews On The Products

The organic products that are going to offer from theses Beyond Organic Reviews. There are 6 various products they are going to sell to their customers:

Raw cheese

Amasai – scattered dairy product      "Beyond Organic Reviews"

100% green-fed beef

Regin- spring water

Probiotic chocolates

Regin botanical infustions

According to theses Beyond Organic Reviews, the company are only going to sell only fed organic type foods. That said, their unique products are being more focused towards more green and their health from their Beyond Organic products.

After reading theses Beyond Organic Reviews after you are cautiously doing your own research. It is indeed a solid MLM business opportunity and it isn’t a pyramid scheme. If this is the right fit for you to sign up as rep with Beyond Organic to start making money. However, you must have the skill sets and the capability to market yourself in order to thrive in a home based business as a distributor with Beyond Organic or any MLM business opportunity.

You want to stand out from the crowd and not doing the common mistakes that most marketer are doing that is taught from your sponsor. That is why the failure rate is at 97% in this industry. So there is a better way is just getting the proper education, online marketing tools and the ability to get high qualified targeted MLM leads for your primary MLM business opportunity.

Therefore, I high recommend to start duplicating an attraction marketing system so you can achieve success as a distributor after going through theses Beyond Organic Reviews and the potential to become a top income producer very fast today!



Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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"Forever Green"You came across on this particular page on reading theses Forever Green Reviews. This is the best legit MLM Review on Forever Green. However, before you make the jump onto this business opportunity, I would do your due diligence beforehand if you can really make any money in this industry.

That said, I’m going to give you information about the company, products and the compensation plan . Also, I will show you the proper way to market the business opportunity to increase your chances to achieve success in MLM.   

Forever Green Business Overview

Forever Green that markets their own unique brand of health products in utilizing the multi-level marketing model. The company is currently doing business nationwide and operating in well over 10 different countries. However, Many of its reps are in the United States. If you are open to take a look at the Forever Green business opportunity. Therefore, you definitely came to right page on this MLM review on this company.

Founder of Forever Green

In 2004 Forever Green is created by Ron Williams. It’ distribution center is located in Orem, Utah. It is also nearby is the main headquarters as well. If you don’t know already, Williams has a extensive experience in the multi-level marketing industry with excellent leadership and integrity with the company.

He had created successful organizations with Nu Skin and Neways. According to the Forever Green corporate website, the company is having great results in the health and wellness and has established satisfying customers from their products.

Forever Green Health and Wellness Products

The unique products the company sells in the market place to the consumers that range from weight loss management, skin care products, natural energy, health & nutritional supplements. Forever Green is definitely offering healthy foods that gives you longer life span with your health that indeed markets the company’s products in the health and wellness niche.

The most popular product the company markets is a health drink called FrequenSea. It’s benefit’s from theses products that range from pain relief, lowering cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure. Nonetheless, FrequenSea is the main product that sells in the market place but has a booming product line such as LegaSea, TRUessence, Essentail Oils, HYDRessence and O3 World weight loss management products as well.

The Compensation Plan

You probably heard of different comp plans in MLM. Therefore, Forever Green using the uni-level plan for their distributors. When you are brand new rep with the company you will receive a business starter kit that ranges from $99.95 to $549.95. In July 2010, Forever Green upgraded their compensation plan for those are brand new in MLM is created to be simple and fast to be rewarded based on your efforts.

The critical points from the companies comp plan is to have marketers duplicate the Forever Green’s marketing strategies from your sponsor to get to the level of Team Leader. It also rewards their reps up towards 5 levels deep and as well a leadership bonus pool in order to reach the highest level from the companies comp plan in network marketing.

Forever Green Success In Multi-level marketing    "Forever Green"

After you landed on this page on going over these Forever Green Reviews online, It is really a legitimate MLM business opportunity. You have the potential to make a lot of money in the industry and become a top income producer as a marketer with the company.

If you want to achieve success in this industry you must stand out from the crowd and not doing the marketing strategies that is taught from your upline like hassling your friends and family or cold calling leads is a waste of time.

However, There is a better method to generate high targeted MLM leads for your Forever Green business opportunity. It is critical that you start talking with people on the phone or in person. You  absolutely want to build relationships and trust with your prospects so you can start making monthly residual income in your primary MLM business opportunity.

The more prospects that you talk with face to face or on the phone will increase your chances to thrive in  a home based business. So you just need to see yourself in getting 25-40 leads on a consistent basis. So how bad do you want it to explode your Forever Green business opportunity to get consistent monthly residual income checks every month?



Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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