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by Danny on July 20, 2011 · 8 comments

100 day challenge mid review to achieving MLM success


On the last week of may 2011, I made a decision to sign up on the 100 day challenge that was originally started by Adam Chandler and Jordan Schultz. I regret on missing out on the previous 100 day challenge with these 2 internet marketers and My Lead System Pro leaders.  However, I came across another 100 day biz builder challenge that is put together by Pat Mckeon, Marisol Dennis, Perig Vennetier and Galen Morgigno.

This 100 day biz builder challenge was created to help network marketers to be held their own accountabilities on marketing your network marketing opportunity. You must start generating a online presence with a blog that is branding yourself. Nonetheless, You can start creating new relationships, potential JV partnership and having the passion on doing this 100 day challenge.    

You absolutely want to start getting more traffic to your blog and getting higher Alexa rankings as well for being part of this 100 day challenge with other like-minded people in multi-level marketing.  I have the hunger and the motivation that I’m learning from other marketers in this industry and taking massive action to grow my network marketing business to the next level during this 100 day biz builder challenge.

So prior in joining on the 100 day challenge, my Alexa ranking on my blog was well over ten million. Therefore, my blog was very low in traffic volume and not getting many leads or conversions to join MLSP or my primary business opportunity.  It was frustrating and I got to find a way to have this internet business to work by getting on the 100 day biz builder challenge.  Quitting isn’t the option! However, there is overwhelming information on internet marketing and I just need to get started on this 100 day challenge so I can set my own goals and accountability just by taking massive action to grow my internet and network marketing business online.

I have learned a lot from this 100 day challenge for the past nine weeks learning the different marketing strategies from Perig Vennetier, Adam Chandler, Stacie Gauny, etc. Just this past week I learned from the super rock stars Toby and Layla on marketing on social media utilizing Facebook.

Also, I had the opportunity to start chatting with other network marketers from the 100 day biz builder challenge on the Skype group about the different tools to grow my business using Camtasia,IM automator, UAW, social monkee, etc  just by implementing these SEO marketing strategies to get on the first page ranking on Google.  Also, I’m putting  content out there on my blog on a daily basis and using BetterNetworker and TribePro as well.  Therefore, I am generating a few leads per day but not at the level yet to get 10 leads per day on this 100 day challenge.

This 100 day challenge is kinda cool because this group is about bringing value and making their own commitment in helping others to achieve success in their primary network marketing opportunity in this industry. There is no pitching your business opportunity from this 100 day biz builder challenge that is absolutely phenomenal! Anyone can share their thoughts, knowledge, secrets and different marketing strategies from this 100 day challenge that can absolutely help you thrive in your business immediately just implementing the marketing ideas from this 100 day challenge to explode your business.

"100 day challenge"

100 day challenge weekly trainings

Every Thursday night at 9:00 ET are weekly 1 hr webinars from the very best leaders and internet marketers are on theses calls who are on the 100 day challenge that brings in great value and tips in what is takes to achieve massive success in their business. During this 100 day biz builder challenge, you are given specific assignments and being accountable for taking massive action to achieve success.

After each webinar, there are Q & A that you can ask to your guest speaker to get your business moving forward. These weekly webinars are for those marketers that want to generate more traffic to your blog or website, getting more qualified MLM leads and increasing conversion rate into your primary MLM business opportunity and putting more money into your bank account.

So, it has been about 9 weeks into the 100 day challenge and another 6 weeks left to ago on the 100 day biz builder challenge. As of right now by Alexa ranking is currently at 967,156 and according to Google Analytics I get about 30-40 blog traffic to my website per day. By the end of the 100 day challenge is get my Alexa ranking down under 300,000 and generate at least 60 visitors to my blog per day. I can’t believe this 100 day biz builder challenge is going by so fast, It feels like it just start the other day and still enjoying the fun with other network marketers on this 100 day challenge.

Therefore, I have learned a lot and implementing different marketing strategies from the weekly Thursday night webinars from our challengers from Pat Mckeon, Marisol Dennis, Perig Vennetier and Galen Morgigno to be part of this 100 day challenge!



Dedicated To Your Success!


Danny Yoon


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  • http://nathangonzalezmarketing.com Nathan Gonzalez

    Danny, It’s crunch time in the challenge! Keep it up my man!

  • http://galenmorgigno.com Galen Morgigno

    Danny, this is a great review of the 100 Day Biz Builder Champions Challenge.  Its been exciting to watch you grow and implement some of the strategies you have been learning.

    6 more weeks to go!! You are right where has the last 8 weeks gone?  Now is the time to turn up the heat. 

    Keep moving forward and stay focused.   


  • http://2asuccessdreamblog.com Alecia Stringer

    Excellent, let’s keep up the momentum for success. 

  • http://twitter.com/karen_glover Karen Glover

    Danny the challenge has been amazing – and yes, can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks already – I have made some amazing connections!  Keep up the good work!

  • Mullettez

    Great post about the 100 Day Challenge Danny, love being a part of it and the value I have received from the challenge has been phenominal!!

  • Daria

    The 100 Day Challenge has been an amazing ride.

  • http://ruthalade.com Ruth

    The 100 day challenge has been incredible!

  • http://www.100daychallengereview.com Pilar Lara

    I really admire people who go through 100 day challenge review. It’s really a great ride!

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