EZ Money Formula Mack Zidan Review

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"EZ Money Formula"There is a spanking brand new marketing funnel EZ Money Formula. It’s a system created by Mack Zidan who is one of the top producers with Empower Network, Pure Leverage and GVO.

EZMF is all automated for you. Therefore, you have the ability to start generating multiple streams of income all at once.

EZ Money Formula Automated System

This is no doubt one of the best systems in my opinion you can easily start following! EZ Money Formula offers you step by step instructional videos to setup everything to get the system up and running.

These 3 steps from the EZ Money Formula offer’s all the important components from these multiple streams of incomes by taking advantage of this system.

Zidan will do all the selling for you. All you have to do is do the marketing. It’s that simple!

The cool thing about this system inside of “EZ Money Formula” it is offering for anyone to get for no cost to you! The 3 multiple streams of income from EZMF are just offering only 100% commission based programs at this time! It’s all monthly residual income!

EZ Money Formula is a perfect fit for you if are affiliated with Empower Network, Pure Leverage, GVO or any type of 100% commission programs online! Click The Link Below to get more information about EZ Money Formula….

>>>>EZ Money Formula Free Video<<<<

The 3 Steps Of The EZ Money Formula

You have the potential to start making 5-6 monthly figures using this system with EZ Money Formula. The 3 multiple streams of income inside of EZ Money Formula are Empower Network, Pure Leverage and GVO. You want to make sure you are an active affiliate with all 3 100% commission programs or else you will be leaving money on the table.

Theses exciting programs are coming into one place using this system with EZ Money Formula that will offer you instructional videos on how to use this system. EZ Money Formula is definitely an exciting marketing funnel is must if you are involved with all 3 of these programs mentioned above.

It’s very important that you never want to lay your eggs into one basket when it comes down to multiple streams of income!

"EZ Money Formula"

This free system is very effective and powerful, it’s because EZMF runs on autopilot! You can start making money immediately. Even while you are on vacation or sleeping, you can start making money with this awesome system with EZ Money Formula right now.

Won’t it be great to start receiving these email notifications that you are getting paid 100% commission from 3 completely different programs online on a daily basis? It’s because you are placing 3 components into one system that will be automated and start doing the selling for you. 

You won’t find any other system anywhere else in the market today!

The creator of the system is Mack Zidan (Top Income Earner with Empower Network) has put in the hard work when he made the EZ Money Formula. He isn’t charging a single dime for anyone to use this system!

 Setup Your Own EZ Money Formula Account Here

I have heard great testimonials from people that are using EZ Money Formula. They are saying they are getting sick sales conversion rates than using any other system. There are no worries at all or getting overwhelmed about this great system.

It’s so simple to start going through the system and understand everything so you can get it setup and running immediately!

If this is the very first time hearing about EZ Money Formula, This is your chance to check it out right now. You obviously don’t want to let this pass you by! You don’t want to start leaving money on the table! What the heck are you waiting for? Join EZ Money Formula right now!

Feel free to click below a free video today!

"EZ Money Formula"


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EZ Money Formula


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"Link Building Tips"Here are several of my link building tips. Therefore I want to offer the newbies that are brand new to blogging and SEO. It’s essential on creating high quality backlinks to increase traffic or get better search engine optimization results on your blog in your chosen niche that can be either in real estate, as a personal trainer or in the home based business industry.

Link Building Tips On Getting Ranked On The Top Positions On Google

Therefore, getting link juice is one of the critical parts on implementing SEO off page marketing strategy. You just need to start learning theses valuable link building tips on the internet to generate more traffic to your site. There is always the Google algorithm that is consistently changing online as well.

Before the changes were made nearly a year ago, you can possible get backlinks to your anchor text from useless link farms and article directories that was just enough to get your content ranked in the first page on Google.

As of today, in order to generate massive amount of traffic from theses link building tips to your blog or website,  it takes more effort and work rather wasting time in throwing away lower quality backlinks. It is important to get the best high quality backlinks that is used to get on the first page on Google. This is absolutely the best link building tips that I strongly recommend that you learn on the internet!   

Relevant To Your Niche

First of all from theses link building tips, if you are marketing your products or services like dog training for instance, you must start building links to similar websites from that particular niche. If you link has nothing with value with a nonrelated niche it will little to no good to Google.

It is vital from theses link building tips that must be relevant to your niche. You must target websites, articles or social media ( Facebook, Twitter & Youtube) that are providing the relevant topics that have the highest quality backlinks from theses link building tips as a blogger.

Link Building Tips On Page Rank       "Link Building Tips"

It is important as a blogger or SEO expert to get a closer look at your potential website or blog’s page rank. You can find out your potential page rank just simply installing the Google’s tool bar on your browser online. The higher the page rank, the better from theses link building tips that will determine the overall SEO status on the highest quality backlinks that you created onto your site.

You really have to go after the sites that are page ranked of 10 or better. You simply want to stay clear away on sites that aren’t available or at a zero page rank. Getting backlinks from theses websites wouldn’t improve your website for the search engines based on your hard work!

It is really simple to figure out if a certain site has a good page rank or not! You just go to Google and type in any keyword in any niche or you can install SEO Quake on what page rank on any website. If a site isn’t on at least the first or second page on Google than don’t bother getting link building juice from that website.

Anchor Text

Start utilizing the targeted keywords in your niche from theses link building tips. Let say Network Marketing is your niche. You must start building anchor text for your links. This will absolutely help from theses link building tips from the search engines that is relevant from those keywords within your site or blog.

So using keywords as a anchor text that improves your blog or website ranking for the searches on SEO. You are absolutely not only creating the best high quality backlinks from theses link building tips. It can also build thousands of keywords for your website or blog on search engine optimization that can be helpful from theses link building tips from this blog post.

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Link Building Tips






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"SEO Link Building Strategies"It’s essential to start focusing on theses SEO link building strategies in order to get organic traffic from the search engines. This off-page SEO method is vital to get exposure from your website or blog. Organic traffic is free traffic (unpaid) that is generated from the very popular search engines like Google.

Steps To Apply From Theses SEO Link Building Strategies  

You simply want to get targeted traffic keywords to start attracting your audience in your niche. Therefore, the first thing that you must do is search for specific keywords so you can start creating content. You must start doing your on-page SEO properly.    

After that is done! You must start applying theses SEO link building strategies known as off-page SEO. You are in the process to start implementing theses SEO link building strategies to increase your chances to get first page ranking on the search engines.

101 SEO Link Building Strategies Is Vital For Your Online Presence  

Your primary objective is to understand the fundamentals when learning theses SEO link building strategies to generate traffic and get your buyers to purchase your products or services from your website. It really comes down to writing content from your SEO purpose in order to get into the right direction from your proper SEO optimization.   

It’s vital to start learning and applying these off-page SEO link building strategies. It will come natural to you in order to get your content ranked high on the search engines to beat your competitors. 

You might have a very impressive blog or website on the internet. It really doesn’t mean a thing if your website can’t be found and have lack of organic traffic to your site. You certainly can accomplish this by creating high quality backlinks to your site when applying theses SEO link building strategies to get your content ranked on search engines on Google. 

You must start following the properly Google guidelines and not over stuffing your keywords in your content. In addition, Google will certainly consider the actual quality of the backlinks of a website or blog as well as the actual quality of the backlinks. You start gathering together these links when you are applying these SEO link building strategies.  

"SEO Content Strategies"

Using Article Directories  From Theses SEO Link Building Strategies

As a reminder, a blog or website must need a few quality backlinks in order to get it ranked high in the search engines. You can figure out the actual quality of the backlinks is simply checking out the websites PR score. (Page Rank) The higher the PR score the better for your website.  

There are a lot of different article directories that are considered a high PR backlinks such as EzineArticles or Squidoo. You can sign up as a member for free from theses article directories and start posting on purpose your content. This helps to increase your organic traffic to your website or blog.  

Every time you are posting on purpose your content from any high PR article directories, you are allowed to include backlinks as well. Never forget, it is vital to post on purpose your content that is high quality that is free of grammar errors from theses SEO link building strategies.    

"SEO Link Building Strategies"

Automated SEO Tools To Take Advantage Of As A Marketer 

If you have no prior experience as an internet marker, it’s essential to know there are many different tools and SEO link building strategies that you can learn and use. If you take the time to learn theses tools and start implementing theses SEO link building strategies so you can beat your competitors if done properly. 

You won’t get overwhelmed when learning theses SEO link building strategies that you can start outsourcing to others to do the work for you. Just imagine getting your backlinks done for you on autopilot to get your content ranked almost immediately when generating organic traffic on the internet for free! 

As a side note, you always should be writing high quality content to your audience as an expert in your niche. In a way people will be very interested in reading and commenting on your blog or website. Nevertheless, you will get repeated viewers and generate traffic to your website or blog on what you have to offer.

They will eventually buy a product or service from your site. After you completely understand the fundamentals from theses off-page SEO link building strategies. 


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SEO Link Building Strategies






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"EPX Body"

Is EPX Body Really A Profitable MLM Business Opportunity?

I accidentally came across a biz opp with EPX Body when it went viral a few months back. Therefore, I’m going to offer my own opinion and decided to write an EPX Body review if it is the perfect vehicle for you.

You obviously came across this blog post because you want to do your due diligence to figure out if it is a legit and a profitable business in network marketing.  

Before moving forward with this MLM review, I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I have written various reviews in MLM in the past. There is nothing negativity I would say about EPX Body and it is  not one of those “Get Rich Quick Schemes” that you have read all over the internet.  

But what I’m going to cover is the history of the company, the products, the compensation plan and how to market the biz opp properly so you absolutely can achieve success as a distributor with EPX Body.

History Of EPX Body  

EPX Body is a brand new MLM company that launched back in March  2012. Dan Putnam is the founder and CEO of the company. EPX Body is based in the West Coast in the city of Layton, Utah. There primary objective is to start helping ordinary people to achieve their goals in fitness and financial success during a 90 day period with absolutely the best clinical science that is available to consumers today. 

There was a lot of buzz that was going around as a distributor with EPX Body. They promised reps to make at least $1,000 minimum monthly residual income after 6 months of joining this biz opp. I can’t believe they were making  this statement as  a company.

 This  would only happen if you sponsored at least 5 distributors in their first 30 days of joining EPX Body and kept at least 2 minimum of those reps that are currently active with the company. Most reps in MLM won’t make a single dime after 6 month.

"EPX Body"

EPX Body Product Reviews  

EPX Burn

EPX Cardio

EPX Detox

EPX Enhance  

There are  various EPX Body products they offer in the health and wellness  niche. However, Burn and Cardio supplements are the most popular products for consumers.  

EPX Burn claims to help with obesity to start losing 12 pounds of body weight and 2 inches from your waistline without changing your routine or eating habits during the 90 day time frame. Nevertheless, this product is created to start burning fat, increase your metabolism, reducing weight loss, increasing your energy and less craving for hunger when using this supplement on a consistent basis.  

EPX Cardio

This specific supplement helps to prevent consumers from heart diseases. EPX Cardio helps  you to have a longer life span. Therefore, this supplement has the ability to start lowering your cholesterol level, avoid high blood pressure, increasing your sex drive and prevents you of being a victim of a heart attack.  

EPX Body Compensation Plan 

Now let’s check out the compensation plan that they offer to it’s reps. There is great news that EPX Body is definitely here to stay. Despite the madness with EPX Body when the y first launched last year, they started to gain some momentum and start growing a successful organization within the company. In fact, most “pre-launch” companies will go out of business and close it’s doors.  

"EPX Body"

EPX Body’s compensation plan is using the 4×5 hybrid matrix. It includes a fast start, customer, matching bonuses and 50% commissions on every product purchased for a personally-enrolled customer. Like I said earlier, EPX Body claims and guaranteed an income of at least $1,000 per month if a distributor is sponsoring reps of at least 5 people within 30 days when they first joined the biz opp. Therefore, they have to maintain at least 2 active reps for 6 months.  

Company Goals    

EPX Body’s vision is “to impact our members’ health and wealth positively by providing them with the best nutritional products, diet and exercise information, as well as all the tools and training needed to build a successful home-based business.”

Start Making Money With EPX Body  

EPX Body is just like any other biz opp. You absolutely can start making money as a rep with EPX Body. Your key to success  in network marketing is attracting other like-minded people rather than hassling your friends and family that are open to create their own paycheck. 

 "EPX Body"

When you start sponsoring reps in your organization, it is vital that they start duplicating your efforts and achieve success if you want to be a top income earner in MLM. It has to do with laws of attraction! So every 10 people that you talk about your biz opp, one of them will say “YES”! You got to stay focused and consistent at any level if you want to start seeing results and the potential to make 5-6 monthly figures in network marketing.

There are marketing methods that you can start learning that your upline doesn’t know about. It’s vital to stay focused and be consistent on applying these strategies if you want to grow your downline and start earning big money in MLM.  You really can’t rely on the traditional way when trying to sponsor reps into EPX Body in order to achieve success in this industry!

Click The Pic Below To Find Out How!

"EPX Body"


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EPX Body






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